Books I Want My Kids to Read Someday #11: "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle


Dear kids,

Carol Tuttle has such a winning concept here. I wish this book was much more well-known. Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Type of Beauty isn’t about clothes at all. It’s about understanding who you are, what you ultimately live for, and how that differs from the goals of others around you.

The book describes four main personality types: wind, water, fire and earth. Wind people are dreamers. They live for pleasure. Water people are calm and meticulous. They live for love. Fire people are doers, who live for accomplishment. Earth people are perfectionists. They live to do things right.

It’s the simplest, most practical personality breakdown I’ve ever come across. It helped me understand myself, your dad and you guys a lot better, and our relationships are much healthier than they would’ve been had I not found this book.

To indulge in some truly delightful self-analysis, see:


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  1. I love the four types of personalities but don’t you think we are all dreamers, doers, perfectionist and we all want to love and be loved ?
    I will love to read the book , it seams interesting.