"Unicorn" is free today

After a difficult first year of parenthood, overwhelmed suburban couple Sam and Alex decide they want more kids, more help, more love and more friendship. Their solution: a second wife, sometimes known as a unicorn.

Soon, their quest is underway. They share laughs, adventures and sex club antics until finally they meet Cassidy, a good match.

Or is she?

Unicorn is one of my first complete works of fiction. It is novella size–a fun read.

Get the Kindle ebook on Amazon for 99 cents or a free PDF on Project Gutenberg, Smashwords or NoiseTrade. You can also get the print version on Amazon..


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  1. This was the book I proofread for you and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It flows, the characters felt real, and it asked some important questions. Glad you are giving people the opportunity to read it for no cost…..they should.

    1. Yes, I remember that! It’s gone through a few additional edits since, and since I didn’t sell the screenplay, it’s a story now.

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