Apologize Every Chance You Get (Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby, Part Twenty-One)

My Relationship Journal: February

Lesson: Apologize Every Chance You Get

Book Notes and Quotes:

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle:

  • Due to our ego, we’re constantly seeking approval from others. This seeking leads to resentment when any kind of disagreement—often even a minor one—occurs. So, get rid of ego. It’s just not helping. All that anger, defensiveness, arguing, making wrong, being right . . . all of that can safely go away. The death of your ego is not the death of you. Instead, it’s the start of your real life.
  • Don’t just get rid of your own ego, though: stop reacting to the ego in others. This is the most effective way to not only avoid arguments, but to actually dissolve the other person’s anger and bring back their sanity. Then real communication can begin.

My Relationship Resolutions:

  • I will take every opportunity to apologize. I will humbly ask for forgiveness, and generously forgive myself.
  • I will remember that my ego isn’t my friend. It causes me to interpret every confrontation as a potential threat, and makes me defensive.

For the Fridge:

  • “I promise to take every opportunity to say I’m sorry.”

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