School in a Book: A No-Frills, No-filler Elementary through High School Self-Education, Including Essential Facts, Terms, Books and Skills You Need to Know … for Life

Twelve years of elementary and high school plus extracurricular studies leaves us with a lot of information. Too much information, sometimes. Since we can’t retain everything, our brains have to pick and choose. And sometimes they make pretty bad decisions. We might live with our in-depth understanding of the oboe forever, say, but can’t recall whether Alexander the Great lived before or after the Roman Empire. If we don’t want our most important knowledge areas to fade out, then, we do well to periodically review the basics.

That’s where School in a Book comes in.

For each subject listed below, I’ve written a knowledge checklist of sorts: a collection of essential terms and other information. It’s not a textbook; instead, it’s an overview, a handy guide to help you pinpoint your knowledge areas that need a bit of padding.

I’m having lot of fun–so much fun!–writing these for myself and my homeschooling children. If you find any mistakes or other opportunities for revision, please let me know.

Some subjects are available for free online, and the others will be in my full School in a Book compendium, coming soon to Amazon. Check back or subscribe on the right for availability updates.

School in a Book Sections:

History Overview (available for free online)

Simple Timeline of Prehistory (available for free online)

Simple Timeline of North and Central America

Simple Timeline of South America

Simple Timeline of Europe

Simple Timeline of Africa

Simple Timeline of the Middle East and Russia

Simple Timeline of Asia, Australia and Oceania

Science Overview (available for free online)

Basic Chemistry (available for free online)

Basic Physics

Basic Astronomy

Basic Biology and Genetics (available for free online)

Basic Botany and Zoology (available for free online)

Basic Human Body and Medicine Science

Basic Computer and Technology Science

Basic Geology and Ecology

Basic Meteorology

Basic Geography

Basic Grammar and Punctuation

Basic Writing

Basic Literary Analysis

Classic Literature: Older Kids and Adults (available for free online)

Classic Literature: Children’s (available for free online)

Basic Arithmetic and Measurement

Basic Algebra, Geometry and Statistics

Basic Philosophy

Basic Logic and Rhetoric

Basic Psychology

Basic Sociology

Basic Political Science

Basic American Government

Basic Economics

Basic Business and Personal Finance

Basic Religion and Spirituality

Basic Art and Art History

Art and Craft Skills (available for free online)

Basic Music and Music History

Important Musical Artists and Songs (available for free online)

Basic Film Studies

Classic Films for Older Kids and Adults (available for free online)

Classic Children’s Films (available for free online)

Basic Physical Education (available for free online)

Basic Mandarin Chinese Vocabulary (available for free online)

Basic Spanish Vocabulary (available for free online)

Basic Life Management Skills (available for free online)

Learning Games and Other Essential Educational Activities (available for free online)

Homeschooling Process Overview (available for free online)

Other Recommended Resources: Older Kids and Adults (available for free online)

Other Recommended Resources: Children’s (available for free online)


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  1. Wow I love the idea of mini text book or memory help mini books. Because I agree with you, we cannot remember everything for ever. Unless we read it often or use the knowledge in some way we forget.

    1. Thanks so much. I am excited. Some of them are just checklists but the actual info can be recalled or looked up as needed. I have a spreadsheet for each child with all this stuff on there. It’s huge.