New Book: Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby: A Self-Help Novel

After Rachel and Matthew had their first child, they had a couple of fights. Well, okay, more than a couple—they fought for over three years. They fought about schedules. They fought about bad habits. They fought about feeling unloved.

They even fought about the lawn mower.

And besides actually having their child, it was the best thing that could’ve happened.

Chronicling their greatest hits, from the Great Birth Control Debate to the Divorce Joke Showdown, Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby is a post-partem story with hope. It offers true stories from the field, nitty-gritty advice and, most important, a nuanced understanding of what it takes to be married with children.

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Being in love is harder than it sounds. Really, it’s a challenge on every level. Get Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby on Amazon now.


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  1. Hopefully all new parents will read them and you can save lots of marriages. I really believe lots of divorces happens after having kids just for the stress of becoming parents and the time it takes to adjust to the new normal. Great book !!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Marriage is so hard, and so nuanced, and so is parenting … The combination is amazingly hard.