41 Self-Help Success Stories

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Sometimes, inner strength feels like a moving target: you have it, then you don’t, then you do again. Here, stories from people who, more often than not, have it figured out, sharing their absolute best techniques and advice.

Depression and Anxiety Success Stories

Frederick Zappone: “I Learned to Allow My Feelings”

Gary Leigh: “I Got Rid of the Voices in My Head”

Ingrid Vasquez: “Healing Begins with Therapy”

Katie Harp: “Forgiveness First. Then Positivity”

Guy Hoffman: “Art Heals the Body, Mind and Soul”

Mandy: “Dancing Helped Me Overcome Depression”

Terri Lynn: “I Chose Happiness”

Jenion: “I Decided That Today, I Would Not Be Anxious”

Alexander Svitych: “My Days Are Smooth and Calm”

Meditation and Mindfulness Success Stories

Matt Kahn: “I Don’t Try to Love What I Don’t Love; Instead, I Witness My Feelings and Beliefs”

Matt Kahn: “Everything Is Here to Help You”

Mary Lou Stevens: “I’ve Stopped Fighting. It Was Useless, Anyway”

Mary Lou Stevens: “The More I Observe My Thoughts, The More I Realize How Funny They Are”

Subhan Schenker: “Enlightenment Is a Quantum Leap”

Subhan Schenker: “Do Not Make Happiness a Goal”

Carrie Coe Phillips: “Buddhism Goes to the Root of the Problem”

Carrie Coe Phillips: “Meditation Gives Me Clarity”

Carrie Coe Phillips: “Make Friends With Your Depression”

Evan Griffith: “Wherever I Go, Meditation Goes With Me”

Evan Griffith: “How Do You Know Which Opportunities to Pursue?”

Anthony Amrhein: “For Three Weeks, I Was Enlightened”

Anonymous: “If What You’re Doing Isn’t Working, Try Something Else”

Leta Hamilton: “If I Don’t Love It, I Love That I Don’t Love It”

Leta Hamilton: “I Realized That Suffering Is My Friend”

Leta Hamilton: “I Love Myself More Than I Ever Thought Possible”

Leta Hamilton: “When Peace Is Taken Care of, Everything Else Falls Into Place”

Leta Hamilton: “I Am Deeply at Peace”

Leta Hamilton: “Meditation Gives Me a Feeling of Vastness”

Leta Hamilton: “Loving God Gives Me Joy”

Leta Hamilton: “Desire Is Missing”

Leta Hamilton: “None of It Scares Me. I Have So Much Fun”

Leta Hamilton: “There Is No Real Meditation”

Law of Attraction Success Stories

150 Law of Attraction Success Stories (series)

Evan Griffith: “My Inner Self Is a Four-Year-Old”

Angelo Limon: “I Have a Family and a Future”

Hannah Goss: “Everything Fell into Place”

Sal: “My Relationship With My Father Is Healing”

Sarah Joyce Bryant: “Affirmations Are Helping My Son Cope With Asperger’s”

Jack Canfield: “The Power of Belief”

Greg Kuhn: “It Is Good”

Steve Pavlina: “I Went from Convicted Felon to Respected Author”

Travis Thomas: “After Doing the Byron Katie Method, My Boss Started Listening to Me”


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