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Author news: New, improved “Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby” will soon be published by Creativia

This summer, I signed a contract with Creativia, an excellent small publisher who is taking on Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby. Working with them has been an awesome experience so far, and guess what? There’s an audiobook version in the works, too. Stay tuned for details on how to get your new, improved version of the book.

Much love,


Now Published by Next Chapter: Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby: A Self-Help Story

Ten years is about the right amount of time to wait for a moment like this. You wouldn’t want it to happen much sooner (it’d spoil the fun of waiting) or much later (when you’re disillusioned).

That’s about how long it’s been since I started writing books and publishing them on Amazon on my own and now, the time has come: Next Chapter has published my first traditionally published work–and I think they probably got my best one. It’s Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby: A Self-Help Story.

Please buy it for yourself, and for a few married parents you know. (It’s not expensive.)

Here’s the description:

After Rachel and Matthew had their first child, they had a couple of fights. Well, okay, more than a couple—they fought for over three years. They fought about schedules. They fought about bad habits. They fought about feeling unloved.

They even fought about the lawn mower.

And besides actually having their child, it was the best thing that could’ve happened.

Chronicling their greatest hits, from the Great Birth Control Debate to the Divorce Joke Showdown, Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby is a post-partem story with hope. It offers true stories from the field, nitty-gritty advice and, most important, a nuanced understanding of what it takes to be married with children.

Get the Amazon ebook version here. And definitely help a writer out by posting a review as well. Thanks so much.

"Being Good" is free today

In the year 2081, Francie lived in a small village called Gallitia. It was simple. It was peaceful. It was beautiful. But there was one problem.
Francie couldn’t leave.

Oh, and then there were the people that wanted to bring electricity and change everything. And the boy with the very red hair, who Francie suspected was somehow part of this change. The question, then, became: Will Francie change, too?

Being Good is probably my best work.

Get the Kindle ebook on Amazon for 99 cents or a free PDF on Project Gutenberg, Smashwords or NoiseTrade. You can also get the print version on Amazon.

"Unicorn" is free today

After a difficult first year of parenthood, overwhelmed suburban couple Sam and Alex decide they want more kids, more help, more love and more friendship. Their solution: a second wife, sometimes known as a unicorn.

Soon, their quest is underway. They share laughs, adventures and sex club antics until finally they meet Cassidy, a good match.

Or is she?

Unicorn is one of my first complete works of fiction. It is novella size–a fun read.

Get the Kindle ebook on Amazon for 99 cents or a free PDF on Project Gutenberg, Smashwords or NoiseTrade. You can also get the print version on Amazon..

"What I Learned from Jane" is free today

“And I have no other explanation for how it feels to have given birth to a person and then spent a few days with them before letting them go other than that:

“It feels like being a mother probably feels every day.

“It felt like being a mother.”

What I Learned from Jane is the true story of how a child born with severe brain damage changed her mother’s life.

It is one of my first books, and still receives great reviews. Here’s a recent one from Amazon:

“The day I got this book I literally sat in my car after getting off work at 1am and read up to 42% complete. Wow, what really strikes me is how much like Glennon Doyle you write about the beauty and tragedy that makes up life, and how important perspective is in the quality of a person’s life. This quick read was hard to put down and invoked feelings of gratitude, humility and a desire to be as authentic and intentional about life both in the peaks as well as the valley’s of life. Very touching!!”

You can get your copy for 99 cents on today, or for free on Smashwords or NoiseTrade.

"The Emergency Diet" is free today

Unsurprisingly, The Emergency Diet is my most popular book. And I’m okay with that. I worked hard on it, and harder still to devise the diet in the first place.

Here’s what you need to know: First, This diet is completely original to me. Second: It’s difficult. Third: It’s worth it.

Get your copy for 99 cents on today, or on Smashwords or Project Gutenberg for free. Then let me know what you think, or ask me a question at

Here’s one of the more recent review from Amazon:

“First off: This diet works. And the book is extremely helpful in managing all the details and the psychology of starting – and sticking with – a challenging program.

“When I first started reading this book, I was interested in low-carb dieting, but really skeptical about the fasting part. I just didn’t believe that I could do it. I liked the way she suggested adding in one component of the diet at a time – that helped ease me in. Now that I have faith in my ability to fast, I consider that the greatest weight loss tool yet! It’s a hard diet to stick with – and the author knows that, it’s right in the subtitle. What makes it worth it is how very QUICKLY the weight comes off, for me about 3-4 pounds a week. That’s great motivation. After just a couple of weeks I could feel the difference in the way my clothes fit. And while there was a gainback of a few pounds when I went off the diet (less than five) the rest stayed off. I’m really glad to have found this system!”

Here’s the full Amazon book description:

My name is Mollie, and for twelve years, I was obsessed with losing weight.

That’s right: obsessed.

I woke up with it, I went to bed with it, I lived with it. I read, and read, and read—and I tried every method I could find to lose weight.

Then, one day, I finally figured it out: a very, very fast weight loss method that kept my motivation high and my feelings of deprivation low. My weight loss and weight maintenance method is a combination of several methods, and therein lies its power. I have never read a book or heard a testimonial from anyone who has lost weight as fast as I did while using this method, which I call the Combination Method. The results are much faster than the kind of loss promised by diet pills, workouts and calorie counting combined, and this weight loss method is one-of-a-kind; you will not find this information anywhere else.

I truly don’t think the human body can lose weight faster than this.

I regularly, consistently lost over half a pound a day in my losing phase, and I was not very heavy to begin with. And this was not water weight, either. This was fat, and it stayed off permanently every time—including after having my first baby, when I lost 35 pounds in 60 days without breastfeeding.

The best part, though: I don’t obsess about food anymore. I like my body. I don’t feel embarrassed to go out after a long day of eating and drinking because I feel bloated. I don’t have to wait for a “flat stomach day” or “good body week” to let myself leave the house. I make last-minute plans with my friends and wear fitted tops. And I truly feel great about how I look. I am grateful every day for this feeling of freedom that I once feared I would never have again.

If so, here’s just some of what you’ll find in this book: Part One: Diet Past: My experiences with dieting and how I discovered the Combination Method

Part Two: Diet Present: What the Combination Method is and why it works, including: “What Are the Health Benefits of This Method?” and “How Much Weight Will I Lose?”

Part Three: Diet Future: How the Combination Method will work for you, including: “Why Quick Weight Loss?”, “How Can I Speed Up My Loss Even Further?”, “What Are the Potential Pitfalls I Should Watch Out For?”, “How Can I Make This Diet Easier?” and “How Should I Begin?”

Again, here’s the link to the book on Amazon.

"The Naked House" is free today

The solution is almost always fewer things. That’s the Naked House philosophy in a nutshell, though the importance of top-notch organization (“a place for everything and everything in its place”), design unity, cleanliness and quality round out this book’s description of the most desirable, peaceful home in which to live. With a tongue-in-cheek, personal style, The Naked House is an inspiring but not-too-serious primer on cleaning, organizing and reducing clutter—and on changing the way you view the purpose and soul of your home.

Get your copy for 99 cents on Amazon today, or on Smashwords or NoiseTrade for free.

Here’s a recent reader review:

“If you are beguiled by the simplicity movement, as I am, you are going to relish this book. A small caveat: I’m already a Mollie Player fan. This is the third book of hers I’ve read . . . and I’m a regular follower of her blog.

“This only stokes my admiration for what she’s able to pull off in these pages — the ability to quietly and repeatedly surprise. I read books by others whose blogs I follow, and often I find a too familiar feeling in them. Like I’ve heard it all before. With ‘The Naked House’ it feels warm and comfortable, like you’re chatting with a friend, for sure . . . but a friend who is regaling you with compelling ideas she never expressed before.

“‘The Naked House’ explores what it means to live simplicity zen. Though she doesn’t say it quite this way, the author takes seriously the idea that your home is a sanctuary for the soul. And you feel it in her prose. You feel the rich possibilities for real experience and connection that come from a decluttered home.

“I’ll be gifting this book to friends — it’s that important a read.”

Again, you can get your copy for 99 cents on Amazon today.

Everything That Happens When You Walk: A Commuter’s Memoir

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Image from the law of attraction book list featuring all major law of attraction authors at

When I was single, I didn’t have a car. I walked everywhere, and loved it. Now I’m a suburban mom, and I’m doing the same thing.

It’s a bit different this time around.

Follow my serial, Everything That Happens When You Walk: A Commuter’s Memoir by email.

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This serial is scheduled to begin soon. When it does, all new posts will be listed here.

So sorry! Here are the real links to my free ebooks

So sorry, guys! Here are the Smashwords links to my free ebooks, You’re Getting Closer and The Power of Acceptance.

Excuse: Amazon changed my price on me … or something …

If you’d rather buy from Amazon, just wait till you hear from me after they’ve gotten it changed.

Okay–no more book promo stuff for a while.

Much love,

"The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation" is FREE today on Amazon

The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation is free on today.

This is a book I am proud of. Here, a review I just got an hour or so ago (from a stranger, in case you were curious) on Smashwords:

“Although this is one woman’s journey to understand mediation’s place in her own life, you’ll swear she is describing you. Honest, sometimes raw, and always down to earth, throughout the entire book I felt as if Mollie Player was the one friend who would truly understand: the struggle, the wonderment, the confusion, and the joy of finally touching the subtle but profound shift in approach to…everything. As well as the frustration of inconsistently sustaining it. The Power of Acceptance is itself a practical mediation. Honestly, if you even paused at the title, let alone read this far, this book is definitely for you. Pull up a cozy mug, curl deeper under that blanket, and join Mollie in an applicable, spiritual conversation that helps you level up your life: we don’t need to seek through meditation — we already are. Meditation practice is what allows us to accept this, and the magic starts happening from there.”

Get The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation (The Mystical Memoir Series Book 2) for free now.

Much love,

A big announcement, a little apology. Oh, and a purple cow.

Byron Katie does it. Seth Godin does it. And you could probably name several others who do it, too.

They give away at least one of their books for free.

I read Purple Cow by Mr. Godin recently, and it inspired me in so many ways. It changed my perspective on business, on marketing, and even on life. (A little.) One of my main takeaways: Consider carefully if the primary goal of your art is to make money or to … well, do art. I mean, of course you can do both, but how likely is it, really, that you will make a good living with ebooks?

Marketing writing? Yes. Technical writing? Definitely. And I have enjoyed doing both. But right now, it’s all about the art. Or, more accurately, about the communication.

I want more people to actually read my stuff.

So today, a big announcement: I have decided to make all my ebooks available for free. Not 99 cents. Not a penny. Not a newsletter sign-up.


I’m starting with the first book in my spirituality memoir series, You’re Getting Closer, and following it up with each and every one of my ebooks in the months to come.

I doubt this decision is permanent. But right now, it feels like the right thing to do. And who knows? Maybe I’ll like it enough to keep it this way forever.

So, starting right now, get You’re Getting Closer for $0.00, and watch for the rest of my books (yes, even The Emergency Diet) to make the switch later on.

The Kindle version is available on Amazon, but if you prefer a PDF version, just email me at You can also get the Smashwords version if you like.

Okay, so that’s the announcement part of this post. Now, the apology.

To everyone out there who already bought some of my books, I should have done this sooner. I’m sorry.

New book announcement: The Power of Acceptance

The Power of Acceptance: A Spirtuality Memoir by Mollie Player

Pleased to announce that my latest book, The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation, is now available at This is a follow-up to You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends.

From the back cover:

For a day, a week, even a month at a time, she had the feeling continuously. She had it while she read, while she drove, while she ate, and while she played with her child. Which is why each time the feeling left, it was a great disappointment.

It was the feeling of connection with the Divine, and Mollie Player wanted to hold on to it forever. But how?

What was the key to continuous meditation?

Following You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends, The Power of Acceptance is her answer to that question. In this year-long journal she shares her attempt to do a sitting meditation each day, then remain in the state of meditation as much as possible after that.
Featuring interviews on meditation from long-time practitioners, The Power of Acceptance isn’t a meditation prescription, but rather a personal story of one woman’s spiritual struggles . . . and breakthroughs.

Thanks to my support system for helping me fill up the corners left in my day with writing time. Much love.

Here’s your chance to tell somebody what you *really* think

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, my life is blessed with many wonderful people. A few of those people: those who give me feedback on my writing.

And yet, there is something in this area I still lack.

See, I have fans–super awesome fans who read, like, everything I write. And I have a few naysayers as well. But lately I’ve been wondering: What about all the people in-between? Might they have something even more valuable to share with me on the topic of my books–namely, really, really helpful commentary and critique?

And I’m guessing the answer to that question is yes.

And so, as I’ve done a few times on my blog before (thanks again to those who participated!), this week I’m extending an offer to you, my blog readers: If you buy any of my books, then send me a quick email telling me what you *really* thought of it and why, I’ll refund your purchase price (or send you a different ebook or printed book of your choice) with almost as much gusto as I use during the writing process itself. If you’re a writer and would prefer an in-kind critique, we can arrange that, too.

And that’s not all! I’ll also send you a whole bouquet of loving happy vibes–for free! (Can’t you just feel that gusto?)

Now, don’t worry: If you love the book you choose and have no real criticism to share, I’m actually find with hearing the good stuff, too. (You can also post a review on Amazon with the same, though note that I’m not basing your refund on that.) But a few “wasn’t really into it for this reason” comments would be super, super helpful as well.

Just email me at with the review (anonymous comments are totally fine).

Life is what you think about, reprised

book - you're getting closer - cover - front - smalljpg

Two years ago I had the pleasure of holding a book signing for my latest book, You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Here, a reblog for you: the piece I wrote promoting the event–and my perspective on the goal of my writing as I see it right now.

Mollie Player is just a regular person. And yet, she is trying—sometimes very, very hard—to be different. And the way Mollie wants to be different is this: she wants to stay the same.

She just wants to be more of herself.

She wants to learn how to be aware of the Divine inside her at all times. She wants to communicate with God.

In other words: she wants to get enlightened.

Lofty goal? Maybe. Is she there yet? Probably not.

But she is, just maybe, on her way.

Often when people describe their lives these are the things they talk about:

  • What they did or do;
  • What they had or have;
  • Who they knew or know.

If you ask Mollie, though, she’d tell you that those things aren’t what life is at all.

Life, she says, is what goes on inside your mind.

It’s what you care about. It’s what you dream about.

It’s what you think about every day.

And so, even though she is just a regular person, Mollie decided to write about some of the thoughts that have made up her real life so far—and with which other regular people may be able to relate.

Mollie hopes that you like them, but more than that: she hopes they’ll make you different—even if that just means being more of yourself.

A change

new thought and prayer

Recently, I posted that I’m working furiously on another blog called The Law of Attraction Project. Well, that’s still happening–more than ever, actually. One of the aspects of that blog that needed to be polished up was its SEO. Apparently, double posting articles, like my true law of attraction stories, isn’t so good for traffic. Google has been sending everyone who searches for law of attraction stories to this blog rather than The Law of Attraction Project. So, last week I made a tough choice: I decided to move all of the stories to that site, which is really what it’s all about, as well as to simplify this blog, Suddenly Awesome. As the blog description says, Suddenly Awesome is about how being spiritual makes my otherwise boring life suddenly awesome–and that’s really all it needs to be.

To all those who still want to receive the law of attraction success stories every month, plus monthly New Thought book summaries, do join us at I am really, really loving how that blog is shaping up!

Thanks for hanging in with me.