Author and student counselor Mollie Player attempts feats of great strength, then writes about what happens. Her goals include: living simply, helping people overcome depression, teaching her children everything she knows and, of course, finding inner peace. Her plans don’t always work out, but when they do, the results are awesome. And when they don’t, well, it keeps things interesting.

Currently, Player is working toward her Master’s of Science in Counseling at Divine Mercy University, a private institution based in Virginia devoted to the psychological sciences. Their top-tier program uses a person-centered, integrated approach that emphasizes human flourishing.

She lives in Seattle, Washington with her three awesome children. She loves walking, snorkeling, playing volleyball, growing trees, learning new things and conversing at length about psychology, spirituality and politics.

Player welcomes comments and questions at mollie@mollieplayer.com.

Reader Testimonials:

“This is the kind of writing that makes me feel as if I’d sat down with the author on the sofa with cups of tea and we were talking together for hours. The style is so vulnerable …” – Heather

“I don’t know what to say other than it is the most beautiful book that I have ever read.” – Ashley

“Really, I am rather speechless.” – Sarah

“I loved the book!! I couldn’t stop reading it!! It touched me so very much … I love how you described every moment.” – Haydee

“You have given a beautiful gift to your readers. I was very touched.” – Celia

“Player’s chatty style evokes a realism and empathy for the story. One is able to feel her pain.” – Anonymous

“Player’s writing approach really reels in the reader into the atmosphere and the circumstances. There are solid moments where without having an objective point of reference to relate to, the reader still manages to relate due to the way in which the author gets the reader involved.” – Kade

“My life has changed after reading this book. I thought it might be a book that I could share but it is not. It is a beautiful keepsake and I know I will read it many more times. I felt so many emotions and to be honest I wish it did not end. This writing is so profound.” – Patty