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Spiritual memoirist and mental health counselor in training Mollie Player is just a regular person. But that doesn’t mean she can’t attempt feats of great strength. Like taking daily walks. Not arguing with her spouse. Reading a book a week. And, of course, finding inner peace. Her plans may not always work out, but when they do, the results are awesome. And when they don’t, well, it keeps things interesting.

Follow her one-year spirituality goals with her Mystical Memoir series, starting with You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Or read her self-improvement serials, such as Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby.

Okay, So I’m Not a Positive Thinker All the Time. I’m Working On It.

Being in Love Is Harder Than It Sounds.

Kids, Here It Is. Have at It.

Here’s a Hint: It Wasn’t Easy.

Being Married Really Isn’t That Bad.

It’s a Disaster. It’s All a Disaster.

Some Spiritual Practices Actually Work. It’s Amazing.

Self-Help Advice for the Self-Obsessed. Like Me.


I Have a Car, But I’m Not Driving It. (My Kids Will Thank Me Later, I’m Sure.)

You Don’t Need to Know It All. But You Do Need to Know Some of It.

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