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Self-help author and therapist in training Mollie Player is just a regular person. But that doesn’t mean she can’t attempt feats of great strength. Like overcoming depression. Getting skinny. Never arguing again. And, of course, finding inner peace. Her plans may not always work out, but when they do, the results are awesome. And when they don’t, well, it keeps things interesting.

Follow her one-year spirituality and self-improvement goals with her Mystical Memoir series, starting with You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Read her self-improvement books, including The Naked House: Five Principles for a More Peaceful Home. Or subscribe to one of her online serials, like Three Kids, No Car: One Year of Living Authentically, Even Though I Can Afford Not To.

Being in Love Is Harder Than It Sounds.

I Have a Car, But I’m Not Driving It. For a Year. (My Kids Will Thank Me Later, I’m Sure.)

It’s a Disaster. It’s All a Disaster.

Kids, Here It Is. Have at It.


You Don’t Need to Know It All. But You Do Need to Know Some of It.

  • Mini Textbooks: Everything You Need to Know Before College in Ten Pages or Less