Other Self-Help Books

Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby

Being in love is harder than it sounds. Really, it’s a challenge on every level. Here, read about Rachel, a character who represents myself and many other mothers, who has her first baby and subsequently confronts every nitpicking detail of her relationship with her partner. Get Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby: A Self-Help Novel on Amazon.

The Naked House

I wanted a nicer home. But I didn’t want to spend money to do so. Then I remembered how it looked when I first bought it, when it was naked. Get The Naked House: Five Principles for a More Peaceful Home on Amazon.

School in a Book

One day, I got sick of not knowing things I really should know. Writing this book solved that problem. (I’m using it for teaching my kids, too.) Read School in a Book: 42 No-Frills, No-Filler Knowledge Checklists with Essential Facts of Science, History, Literature, Life Skills and More on this site for free.