Books I Want My Kids to Read Someday: “Unschooling Rules” by Clark Aldrich

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Unschooling Rules by Clark Aldrich sn’t just about unschooling. It’s about all kinds of teaching situations—about the art of learning through exploration. What could be more inspiring than that?

Key Takeaways

“Unschooling” is the term commonly used to describe a way of homeschooling that is highly play-based and child-led—what some would call “organic” learning. Unschooled kids don’t do worksheets, and may or may not attend formal classes. They just do things and learn along the way.

The rules:

  • Do what you love.
  • Use microcosms as much as possible.
  • Use internships.
  • Embrace all technologies.
  • Excel is awesome for math.
  • Formally learn only what will be reinforced in the next 14 days.
  • Explore first. Play second. Teach third.
  • Only work on one or two subjects per day.
  • Keep a focused journal.
  • Underschedule.
  • Play outside.

About the Author

Clark Aldrich is an author, speaker, and expert in the field of educational technology and simulations. He has made significant contributions to the development and implementation of innovative learning solutions that combine technology, simulations, and game-based approaches.

His work emphasizes the importance of active, experiential learning, where learners are actively engaged in realistic scenarios and problem-solving activities. Aldrich believes that well-designed simulations and games can provide learners with opportunities to practice skills, make decisions, and learn from their experiences in a safe and immersive environment.

As a speaker and consultant, Aldrich has worked with numerous organizations and educational institutions to implement innovative learning solutions. He has delivered presentations and workshops worldwide, sharing his expertise and insights on the transformative potential of simulations and game-based learning.


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