Law of Attraction Success Story: Esther and Jerry Hicks: "We Made Millions"


Contributors: Mollie Player and Jerry and Esther Hicks in Money and the Law of Attraction

Sometimes, it’s tempting to think the law of attraction and positive thinking only work for people who already have the success thing at least partially figured out. If you’re feeling like that right now, it might be a good idea to read a story about a secretary and a multi-level marketing salesperson (Amway, I think it was) who are now worth lots of millions of dollars.

That couple: Jerry and Esther Hicks–and they made the money even before Esther began receiving the messages from beyond that have since made them both so well-known.

In the book Money and the Law of Attraction, Jerry tells of a day several decades back when he happened upon a book by Napolean Hill called Think and Grow Rich.

At first he wasn’t all that interested in learning more or applying the concepts. However, a short time later he met “a man in a motel in Minnesota who offered me a business opportunity that was so compatible with Hill’s teaching that for nine joyous years I focused my attention on building that business.”Over those nine years, that business grew–and grew, and grew, and grew, into a “multi-million dollar enterprise.” He sought out more writings on the topic, then transitioned to a career of teaching these principles. At some point Esther became inspired to learn how to meditate, then began her career as a medium.In the book, Hicks says the adventure began soon after clarifying in his mind what he really wanted in his career: freedom and independence.

You can, of course, get a copy of the book with the story on Well worth not just a read, but a thorough poring over. (I also really, really appreciate their videos showing Esther channeling Abraham at their law of attraction conferences.)


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  1. Even though I know the story, Mollie, I love hearing it from you. In fact . . . I can’t wait to be hearing a similar story ABOUT you one of these days!

    Keep on thriving out there!


  2. Hi Molly,
    I agree, people associate LOA and positive thinking to those that already have success. On further examination, most successful people will tell you it’s the other way around. They first had to imagine having the success before it would ever be theirs. I’m a big fan of the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn and his story is an excellent example of that thinking. He was financially broke until the age of 26 when he listened and studied the advice of a man he worked for. Only when he could image success did he indeed start to succeed. In working with LOA, I get a kick out of manifesting small things in my life each day…an easy commute to work, people smiling at me while shopping; just little “victories” to keep life in perspective and a confidence boost to trust that what I want to happen in my life will!

    1. I agree. Most people who are wealthy expected someday to be wealthy. That’s why the children of wealthy people are more likely to become successful and get wealthy–even before they get their inheritance. They are just following the path they already know: Ivy League colleges, high-pay job offers right out of college, etc. It’s their accepted lifestyle.