Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Became a Successful Musician”

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I have an a dream, that despite all pragmatic and empirical realities no one can tell me that I cannot have one day. Within me is belief and also self-doubt, yet the calling is undeniable. What has helped me so far as the most helpful coping mechanism imaginable, and what I believe is the key to achieving this ultimate goal, is understanding and practicing the law of attraction.

I grew up in a normal suburban town outside Boston, certainly a town in a bubble.  There was a Stetson piano in the basement which I recall, at a very young age of 4 or 5, banging on and belting out gibberish. A warm ethereal feeling overcame me, starting in my chest and it permeated my entire body, warming every organ, every cell. I can still get that feeling to this day when I am lost in a song.

With music as my motivation, I am on a life-long journey. Using law of attraction, I have thus far built a community of musicians in my local area, obtained gigs at the level of playing out 2/3 times a week, started a band, obtained a certificate in Audio Engineering and self-produced and released my debut solo EP. This has all been achieved while holding down a full time job and owning a home. Positive energy sets forth a high vibration in the universe which will return to you more vibration at that energy level. Basically, you attract what circumstances come into your life by your energy level, which is essentially your predominant thoughts.

Significant effort must be made in the realm of self-improvement in order to achieve the right mindset, it does not happen overnight. Some may be predisposed to the right mindset, with good role models who went through the process themselves, whether consciously or not, and I believe the right mindset is exactly what is needed in order to achieve what you want out of life.

I became interested in the law of attraction a few years ago. I was searching for meaning out of life and trying to find a way out of my day job, which I am still at to this day.  I remember well when I first started seeing it work, though it took a while to get it to start working. At first, my mind was swimming with contradictory thoughts, which still happen, though are much more manageable. Once I was able to slow down the contradictory thoughts, I was able to focus on my values and map out my ideal life. Visualizing, thinking up every detail, and remaining positive while monitoring your thoughts are important aspects of allowing the law of attraction to work for you.

About two and a half years ago, I started by hosting an open mic with the idea that it could be a jam session, which strangers who have never played together joining on stage and supporting each other, creating music for the audience. For about the first 4 months of the gig, which my friend George (who is twice my age) and I ran on a Sunday, there was no one there besides us, the bar tender and the a couple waitresses. We didn’t even get paid in those days as no one came! Despite all reason, I believed in the open mic and stayed positive every Sunday for about 6 months.

People started showing up, and things were getting good. Though, it took a while to actually get a jam session going, which is what I really wanted. I remember the first few jams, the feeling in my chest I felt as a kid returned, even stronger due to the mixture of individuals and the immensity of the sound we were getting. Before we knew it, there was a crowd there every night and we began having these crazy jam sessions with up to seven or eight people in them. Saxophones, mandolins, harmonicas, hand drums, a flutist, violins and of course plenty of guitars created these amazing jam sessions every Sunday.

The open mics have been consistently strong ever since. I have expanded it to another bar and host on Tuesdays as well now. I formed a band with some friends and an amazing guitarist, who happened to live right down the street from me, who I met through the open mic and we play 2/3 times a month around the local area. If I didn’t attract that into my life, then I don’t know what!! I’ve completed an apprenticeship in Audio Engineering at a studio in Boston during this time period. I’ve made connections and been inspired by so many local musicians, which is something I have always wanted. I’ve created a home recording studio where I am recording some of the artists from the open mics. And lastly, I am releasing an EP of my original music titled ROOFTOP, The Musty Rustic EP.

It’s hard work, this LOA business, don’t be fooled. For many, conditioning has set us on a course which opposes our ability to dive into attracting what you want out of life naturally and easily. Not to mention, working on yourself is one of the hardest things to do, and requires great patience, which is why I believe many people just settle for their life circumstances, never realizing they are creating the very things they do not want in their life by choosing to focus on them, rather than focusing on what they do want. The problem is when people try to think of what they do want, the tendency is to think of it in terms of not having it, or not being able to have it. Instead, the trick is to think of it as something you already have, something that is within your abilities. That slight difference is humungous. You can choose to think however you want, why not choose the best possible thoughts and outcomes?

John Hanson


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  1. Brilliant, I’m so glad you are pursuing your dream, which I think in the easiest and best way possible, through the Law of Attraction. You are right, it is hard work. I also have a dream , I’m also using the LOA to achieve it, I’m 100% certain I will, despite the many ups and downs! Your end comments are great, it’s best to stay positive, I found them very inspiring, as I did the article.

    The best quote I have seen is:

    Now go deep into your mind and focus on those feelings
    at the expense of all other thoughts or feelings, and do it
    consistently. Your ability to focus exclusively on the feelings
    determines the degree to which you’ll experience your
    desired outcome.

    Good luck all.