Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Found a Church"

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When I was growing up–well, okay, maybe just from about junior high school on–there was one day of the week that was my favorite of them all: Sunday. For a time, the reason was simple: That was the day of the week that I got to hang out with my friends. Later, though, there was another reason: It was the day on which I felt closest to God.

Either way, though, I loved it.

Then college happened and my ideas about spiritual things began to change–and fast. By the end of my 7 1/2-year college tenure, I no longer went to church–and my number of friendships had taken a serious dive as well.

Several months ago, though, something happened that changed that. I had been saying some affirmations regarding friendship while also attempting to be lead by my spirit in more of my small daily decisions when suddenly I felt led to go to the library.

There, my life changed, just a bit: A lady I happened to meet told me about Center for Spiritual Living.

I visited my nearest location as soon as I could–and I loved it.

Then, soon after that visit, I discovered that another branch–one much closer to my house–was opening up within weeks. I attended a planning session and felt so inspired by the people I met and the vision they espoused that I dove in right away.

Currently I’m participating in a small group, a weekly class and a volunteer crew there. I love the minister and the people . . . And Sunday is once again my favorite day of the week.


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  1. Mollie!

    I love that church! A couple I know well is in their ministerial program. Like Unity, The Center for Spiritual Living is open-source spirituality — just like you are here.

    What jazzes me about both organizations is how they are open to wisdom from all sources, current and past, from multiple traditions.