Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Found the Perfect Piece of Land"


Contributor: Law of attraction fan Umberto Fonte of

After watching the movie The Secret I decided that the law of attraction was something that was worth trying out. So, the next day I created a wallpaper for my laptop that showed a large piece of land with beautiful pine trees. My intention was to purchase a piece of land like this one, and I wanted there to be no guessing on the Universe’s part what I wanted it to look like!

Three months later, my land near Colorado’s Mount Elbert was paid in full.

One day while I was driving to the land, I remembered something: On a day like that one thirty years earlier, while I was driving past Mount Elbert, I had made a statement in my heart that if there was ever a perfect place I’d want to live and call home, it was right here.

That–and the wallpaper–must have been all it took!

These days, I have a new intention: to see the completion of a new round house made out of an old silo on the land.

I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come.



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  1. I have a similar story – I moved to a large property in the city I love, near the river, and couldn’t be happier! I cringe when I think of the several other offers we made on houses far from the awesomeness of the one we ended up with. I’m thankful for it everyday!