Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Got to Travel”

Guest contributor: Sneha, who sends this law of attraction success story from India.

I would like to share with you all some wonderful news about how I manifested an opportunity to visit the U.S. through work.

I have always been keen to go abroad for work–always. As soon as I started working (around five years ago), it was the first thing on my mind. Somehow, though, as time passed by, I programmed in my mind that others are better than me and that they would get these opportunities instead. Deep inside, though, I still hung on to my desire.

Then last year when I joined my current organization, hope started to build once more. This time I decided that I would get what I hoped for. After a few failed attempts, which taught me the importance of not letting negative thinking hinder me, another chance came my way. This time, I decided that no matter what, I would just stay calm. “Everything will fall into place on its own,” I told myself . . . and really, it did.

I started giving interviews for this opportunity and one by one, I cleared them. Then, just when I thought everything was fine, they introduced more rounds! But, remembering my previous lesson, I did not make myself sad. Instead, I just told myself, “Either I  make this opportunity, or I don’t.” Well, I did clear the final interview! I went on the trip to the U.S. and everything went well.

Three months back, I wrote an entry in my gratitude journal thanking my current company for a visa that I still didn’t have. Just a few weeks later those interviews were done and I had a business visa in my hand!

But the story doesn’t end there. After returning from the trip, which was just three weeks long, I said to myself, “Man! Should have been a bit longer!” And guess what: The next day my manager told me that the onshore team was asking him how soon I could come back to their office in the U.S. They also said that I would have to visit two cities this time!

Well, just wanted to share the good news with all of you. The law of attraction works.



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