Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Got a Great Job in a New Country, Exactly As I Had Hoped"


Contributor: Law of attraction believer Mitra

I would like to share with you how I manifested my dream job.

Eight months after getting my masters degree, I got a job I very much disliked in my home country at a biopharmaceutical company. But because it took me that long to get a job, it was somewhat precious to me. However, after one year, I was even more miserable and burnt out that I ever was and decided that enough is enough. I took the leap of faith and quit without any other job lined up.

I took the time and freedom to explore what I really wanted to do and discovered my passion in the human resources field. However, the HR industry in my country is quite immature and I could not find any positions that fitted my aspirations, goals, capacity and capabilities. I applied to many HR position half-heartedly.

I have always dreamed of moving to a western country but was unsure on how to make it happen. After eleven months of unsuccessful attempts, I intensely decided that I will be getting a job offer for a dream position from abroad NOW. I created a Manifestation Book and wrote down daily entries of getting a great job and an amazing location.

A couple of days later I came across a job advertisement for a HR position in Germany. The position was all that I could ask for in a job. I applied to it. For the next 30-plus days, I spent most of my waking hours believing that the job was mine. I did everything it took to train my mind that I was getting the job. Besides the daily journal entry, I sent job offer emails to myself and also recorded myself affirming about getting the job and listened to it before going to sleep.

About ten days after the closing date of the application, I received an email from the company inviting me to the Assessment Centre in Germany!! The interview and assessments went smoothly and a week later they offered me the job!

The salary is great, the company is huge and famous and most importantly it is the job I had dreamed of and a dream location. I am starting on December 1st, 2014 in Germany and very much looking forward to it.

The Universe has given me what I wished for. If you really want something and believe with unshakable faith that you will have it, the whole Universe will conspire to make it happen.



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  1. Amazing! True power of intent in action – and against all odds too. Maybe you’ll consider writing more about the process you followed.
    All the very best.

  2. Amazing how you manifested what you wanted! I am myself looking for such an opportunity and came across your post when I was looking for inspiration. I guess the universe is telling me something now 🙂