Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Got a MacBook Pro"


Contributor: Law of attraction enthusiast Ali

One day after work my partner called and said he had some news for me. I told him it sounded ominous by the tone in his voice. He quickly replied “No, no! It’s good news–very good news–and it will make you very happy.”

I told him I was already feeling very happy and that I was grateful to hear more news that would make me even happier. He said I would have to wait for him to come home and explain it all.

I love the quote featured in the above picture by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.”

I have always wanted a MacBook Pro and envisioned myself using it as a self-employed writer. However, despite trying several methods, one had never materialised. A few days ago it had crossed my mind to wonder why I hadn’t yet manifested a MacBook. What am I doing wrong? I asked myself. Should I set a deadline? (I had read somewhere about people setting deadlines to manifest something and it working.) I was then distracted from my thoughts and the whole thing slipped from my mind.

When my partner came home I quickly quizzed him about the good news. He told me about a whole series of events that had happened that day. He said he’d made a random comment about wanting to buy an iPad and the person he was talking to replied, “I haven’t got an iPad but I do have a MacBook going cheap.” Apparently, it had been an unwanted gift.

Abraham reminds us, “Ask and it is given,” and that the details of how it happens are none of our business. Still, I was totally astonished how out of the blue a sequence of events arose to bring me my beautiful new MacBook. And, as an added bonus, my beautiful partner offered to buy it for me as a very lavish birthday present so it actually didn’t cost me a penny!

But the story doesn’t end there. Still in awe of its manifestation and thinking about how it came about I remembered how I was thinking about my lack of a MacBook only a short time previously and that as I envisioned my dream of self-employed writing I knew I would have to manifest my own laptop before being able to leave my paid employment. And so, I take this as a huge sign that I have ramped up my manifesting power and my dream career will soon be made manifest also.



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  1. I love the story and I really believe that if you really want something and you let the Universe know, the Universe will give it to you !

    Congratulations and go for your dream!

  2. Congratulations with your new laptop!

    The law of attraction is really mysterious!

    All we need to know is what we want and why we want it – the how is not important! If we think about the how, you are actually making yourself doubt, because you can’t think about the how. That’s why it’s attraction – something mystery to help you get what you want!

    I wrote about quotes that help you understand more about the law of attraction.
    You can check the law of attraction quote that work miracles

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Molly,
    Congratulations on the MacBook Pro. The Law of Attraction is very interesting, things do not manifest in ours life instantaneously. There is a delay between when you think about something and the time it takes to manifest. This delay give you the opportunity to focus your attention more and more on what you really want to manifest in you life. Long before it manifests, you can tell by the way you feel whether it is something you truly want. If you continue giving your attention to it, whether it’s something positive or negative, it will come into your life.

    Ask yourself if this has been your experience or not? Haven’t you noticed a correlation between what you are thinking and speaking and what you are getting in your life?

    We have a choice in creating the world around us! The more you understand Attraction and how it works, the more control you will have in deliberately directing your thoughts; for what you think about, you bring about!

    I look forward to reading what your create via the new laptop.


    1. Hi Frank,
      This story came from another contributor. Hopefully she sees your very thoughtful response! Do you have a law of attraction story you’d like to share on my site?

    2. I am the said new laptop owner. Thank you Frank

      I have to admit I haven’t been perfect but I am getting better and better and it is interesting you used the word correlation because I used it recently and thought it was in a blog post but it must have been in my private journalling. I was becoming more and more aware of the correlation between things and just as I used this word the latest book I was reading felt like every other word was correlation – a correlation in it’s self.

      Whilst learning and practising the Law of Attraction I often fell back into the old patterns of fear and doubt but now by constantly listening to and reading LOA related subjects I am predominately happy and alot less fearful.

      It’s interesting what you said about time lapses and feelings

      If a pattern of time went by without a manifestation I started to feel what am I doing wrong, why isn’t it here etc which I am aware now automatically focused on the lack of the item etc and therefore kept it away even more.

      Now my faith is stronger and my feelings also. Now even in the absence of an item or situation I can feel it is OK, it is done and it will manifest sooner or later because I have so much personal evidence to say it will be so