Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Got Exactly What I Was Looking For"

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Contributor: Law of attraction believer Miles Perigo

I’ve been studying and using the law of attraction in different areas of my life for a few months now. I must say it’s been quite a journey and I hope it always will be! I’ve seen significant changes in many aspects of my life.

My original intention when starting to put this law into practice was to gain a lot of money to pay off some loans I’ve accumulated over the years, and, although I haven’t quite achieved this as yet, I’ve had money come in small ways when I’ve needed it. A lot of it can be attributed to having a generally more optimistic outlook. By thinking differently, I tend to notice ways I can gain money which I probably would not have noticed if I had a more negative outlook.

As I’ve applied the law of attraction to my everyday life, I have noticed (among other things):

  • My music has improved a lot. I can play and write songs with more ease, and I feel totally creative and inspired, whereas a few months ago I was going to sell my guitar out of total disgust!
  • My Aikido training has improved.
  • My relationships and dealings with people have improved.
  • My work has become a lot more fun and fulfilling.
  • I’m happier, more optimistic and relaxed.

I can categorically say THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS!

Here is one of my personal law of attraction story, which is pretty typical really, once you begin to practice this principle.

For weeks I was thinking of getting an exercise mat to do ab workouts at home, but I was delaying doing so because I live in the country and there are no sports stores here and I didn’t want to pay online prices.

Anyway, last week my friend told me that she was starting a Feldenkrais class, and asked if I’d like to come. I said okay, but then she said I would need to bring a mat as a lot of it is done on the hard floor. Since this was the day of the class I could not order one online, so I went down to the local Target, which in my town is tiny and just mainly sells clothes and toys. I asked the sales girl if they had mats, and she said that they don’t stock them anymore.

A bit despondent, I went to the toy section to check out a toy for my nephew, and on the top shelf of the toy section is sitting–you guessed it!–a brand spanking new exercise mat of the exact color and length I wanted for about $15 less than the one I saw online!

So, it’s not a million dollars, but it is a small happy thing that the Universe gave to me. More important, though, this experience affirmed to me that something is definitely working with this new way of thinking about life.

There are many facets to the law of attraction, and you can pick and choose what to study and what works for you. For me the key is to make the situation feel less bad by being optimistic. Then things get a lot better.

Recently, Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has become my bible. There is so much in such a small book, and much of it is related to the law of attraction. Also check out Wendy Betterini’s How to Attract Money and

Anyway, it’s a huge subject with lots of information out there. Just try to read widely and often, and don’t forget those affirmations!



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