Law of Attraction Success Story: “We Found the Right Home for Us”

Contributor: Anonymous

Last February, my husband and I decided to look for a house.

“Remember, we can’t jump the gun,” we told each other on our first round of viewings. “We can’t fall in love with a place that’s not ideal.”

Well, as it turned out: Falling in love wasn’t the problem.

By late in the month, we had seen a lot of places, and we were feeling ready to make a decision. We congratulated each other for not getting too attached to any of the homes we’d seen so far and keeping focused on our budget. We felt prepared to make a sound decision.

Then suddenly, only a few weeks after we started looking, there was a huge surge in demand for houses in our city. People were swarming a lot of the places we looked at and everything we liked had multiple bidders even before our tour.

Then, along came the “dream home.”

Now, this wasn’t a real dream home–budget was a factor, after all. But we loved it, and it was our current dream.

So we gave our agent the green light and that night, as my husband and I were doing a little yoga in our living room, I decided to say an affirmation about it. I didn’t just say the affirmation once, though; I said it over and over and over while envisioning the house in my mind.

I said it for nearly an hour and a half.

The affirmation I said was this: “I have the home of my dreams.”

Looking back, though, I realized something: the affirmation isn’t the thing–it’s whether or not something feels right that matters. And that house, even that affirmation–it just didn’t feel right. I said it over and over thinking it would “work,” but what I didn’t realize was that the Universe had something better in store.

Several months later, only a few weeks before our son was born, we found an even better house, one that fit our ideal much better. It was in the exact location that we wanted, and was the size and style I’d imagined, too. When we saw it, we both knew right away it was the one. And it was–we found out the next day they’d accepted our offer.


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  1. I had a thought, perhaps because as you mentioned your ‘dream home’ wasnt your true dream home due to budget but a current ‘sub’ dream home lol….perhaps when you worded your affirmation using the word dream home instead of the actual address of that ‘current dream’ home, it worked out so that you will get the real dream home….although it may take longer. Maybe if you re word the affirmation to the specific address, you will acquire it. Just a thought. And it’s a pleasure reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing. =)