Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Found the Husband I Always Wanted”

Guest contributor: Aan of Ann has co-authored a chapter in a book called “Adventures in Manifesting” and writes a blog called Living Life With Magnificent Intention.

Like the beating of a heart, the law of attraction is ever so present and constantly working. Epiphanies and “a-ha” moments exploded left and right in my mind like fireworks when I discovered this simple yet powerful law. Looking back in my life, I see it spattered all over the story of my life like an intricate Jackson Pollock painting. Let me share with you a bright streak of paint that was guided by the law of attraction.

It was a warm summer back when I was thirteen years old. School had just let out and it was a lazy summer morning as usual. The young inhabitants of my parent’s home moved slowly about in the absence of a ticking schedule.

Suddenly, the phone broke the calm of the morning and I shuffled to receive the call. It was my good  friend Tiffany. She asked me if I wanted to meet her at the school track to jog and talk. I said, “Sure!” With a light shirt, cotton shorts, and my favorite tennis shoes, I was out the door.

Tiffany and I jogged on our middle school track. Afterwards, we sat down on the cement and started talking with the sun warming our backs. Any average girl would  probably have taken the opportunity of such personal time to start talking about boys, but oddly, boys were not a focus on my mind back then; being the school-driven and innocent girl I was, I hadn’t put too much thought into the opposite sex.

My friend Tiffany, however was not shy on the topic. Immediately upon sitting, she dove into a conversation of that nature. She asked me if I liked anyone. Caught off guard, I bashfully said “No.” She then went on to ask me what kind of guy I wanted to marry.

“What kind of a guy?” I repeated. I sat there silent for a second. What kind of a guy did I want?

I thought about it for a bit longer and answered the first answer that came to my mind. “A guy that doesn’t cuss,” I said.

Tiffany laughed, thinking this answer was quite amusing. She told me that it was a silly requirement because all guys cussed, but I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

Later that evening, I laid on the sofa with my legs crossed and arms folded. As I did this, I pondered the thoughts that transpired with Tiffany earlier that morning. What kind of a guy did I eventually want to marry? Thinking that it would be fun dream up a personalized Prince Charming, I let my imagination flow freely.

At that moment, I decided that I wanted to marry a man with an exceptional personality. He would share similar values and be very into family. My dream man would be romantic, artistic, and know how to play an instrument. He would also be taller than me (which isn’t too hard because I am short) and know more than one language. And of course my husband would hopefully not cuss.

Afterwards, I thought about what ethnicity I preferred my future husband to be. I decided that it would not matter as long as he had the golden personality that I was envisioning. As I laid there carefree that summer night, I remember my last thoughts before I got up from that sofa. I remember thinking that it would be very cool and  interesting if my husband were a mixture of many cultures.

Life went on as usual. I grew up and graduated. I married and had kids. Everything in my life seemed to happen normally through the natural course of time. Then came my discovery of the law of attraction. In learning about the law of attraction, I had one of the biggest shocks of my life.

On one particular evening when I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, thoughts of how interesting the law of attraction is were swirling inside my mind. Just as I was about to turn off the lights, I looked at my husband one last time to see if he was already asleep; sure enough, he was. I smiled at him but then froze in silence as some unbelievable thoughts came to mind.

I realized that he was the same man I was envisioning when I was thirteen. I got chills as I mentally went down my Prince Charming checklist I had consciously forgotten about over the years.

We have four children together and he as extremely family-oriented. He is very romantic and stands six feet tall. He speaks English, French, and German. My husband can create artwork better than I can and he knows how to play the trumpet. My husband does not cuss and his ethnicity is mixed from almost every continent on the planet!

This and many other examples have convinced me that the law of attraction is working whether we realize it or not. Today I live completely aware and make the conscious decision to be selective in about what I think about. With knowledge on this remarkable law, I am now moving forward to create whatever I desire in life.


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  1. Sometimes, I think it would scare us if we really knew about the LOA when we were very young. Power can be scary and that certainly is power.
    On the other hand, my son understands it well and has since he was very young. He isn’t scared of it. In fact, he has always embraced and used it.

  2. I have heard about the law of attraction on and off for many years. Never read a book on it, until recently. It’s mostly through this site, hearing other people tell how it’s worked for them, that finally has me trying it. And it’s an extremely ideal time in my life to try it! I’m grateful, knowing already that I can’t fail!