Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Manifested An Orange Feather"

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Main Objective:

To put the Law of Attraction to the test by attempting to manifest a black and orange feather within 30 days.

Sub Goals:

Bolster my faith in the universe.
Give others some evidence of The Law of Attraction.
Obtain a data point about how to manifest.


10 days (01/01/14-01/10/14)


I was reading a book about a guy who repeated an experiment that he read in another book. I can’t remember the name of either book. But the idea was to manifest a blue feather into existence.

I recall the author mentioning that he’d never even seen a blue feather before. And manifesting one would be a true testament to the power of The Law of Attraction.

The man set the intention for the feather to manifest within a given time frame (one month). He firmly set the intention and wrote it down on paper. In addition, he kept an evidence journal in which he would write any clues that indicated to him that the universe was indeed working hard to fulfill his order.

For the first few days, he diligently visualized the feather morning and night. He would spend several minutes imagining himself already in possession of the feather. He put all of his senses into imagining the feather already being a part of his reality: he saw himself holding it, stroking it, and even tickling himself with it.

After just a few days, though, the man began losing interest in the feather. He stopped doing the visualizations and he didn’t record anything in his evidence journal.

But then something magical happened, he stumbled across a feather that caught his eye. The only problem was that it wasn’t quite blue. Instead of getting discouraged, he noted this in his evidence journal.

A couple weeks later, after having totally forgot about the feather, he was backing out of his driveway one morning when suddenly two blue birds landed on the hood of his car and began fighting each other!

And wouldn’t you know it: when they flew away, there was his blue feather!

I remember reading this story and commenting to my wife at how silly it was to me. “Yeah right,” I said cynically. “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work like that,” I boasted.

Later that day, I decided that it wasn’t quite fair for me to discredit this man’s testimony without at least giving it a shot myself.

Besides, I was already intending on doing a 30-day Law of Attraction experiment on January 1st. My good friend and comrade, James Weaver, wrote a book about his own 30-Day Attraction Experiment (available here). The success he experienced inspired me to give it a shot on my own.

So I decided, what the heck…why not just add a feather on my list as well? So I did. But I thought a black and orange feather would be way cooler than a blue one.

“Where am I even gonna find a black and orange feather anyway,” I remember commenting to my wife. She said, “They exist, I’ve totally seen them before.” I replied, “But I’ve never even seen one in my entire life, how in the world am I going to manifest one, especially in Los Angeles!?”

As far as I was concerned, there was no way that I was actually going to manifest a black and orange feather. But, hey, I’ll give it a shot anyway.


If I set the intention to manifest a black and orange feather, then it’s feasible that it will present itself into my reality.


There is a certain mindset you have to have when it comes to manifesting something. The mindset you have can either make or break it for you.


1) Set the intention to manifest a black and orange feather.

2) Write “black and orange feather” down on my ‘January Attraction Experiment’ list.

3) Carry this list with me inside my evidence journal.

4) Write down any clues that may indicate that the universe is fulfilling my intention.

*** Note that I did not do any visualizations, mantras, or affirmations. ***

Results (click image to expand):

I Manifested a Black and Orange Feather

Did my hypothesis pass?

Yes, even though it was a rather weak hypothesis. Still though, I wanted my hypothesis to convey my detached, matter-of-fact mindset going into this experiment.


There are a lot of important features that went into this manifestation. The first was the fact that the black and orange feather was on a list of four other items that I wanted to manifest. In fact, the black and orange feather was the thing that I cared the least about.

Every time I thought about visualizing the feather, I was overcome with a “ugh…no way…”. I would have rather spent my time visualizing the manifestation that I truly and deeply cared about. But as it turned out, this level of detachment may very well have been the reason that I was able to manifest the feather in the first place.

As it stands now, I’m still waiting on everything else on my ‘January Attraction Experiment’ list to manifest. The feather only took 10 days to manifest. And it was effortless. I didn’t get excited about it, I didn’t write a single thing down in my evidence journal, and I hardly even thought about it.


You might be wondering why the feather is depicted in a Bible. Well that’s a funny story.

I haven’t read a single word in the Bible in almost 10 years! But my mom, who has been getting into church and scripture lately, decided to buy me a Bible for Christmas.

She thought I could use a Bible of my own. It ended up coming at the right time for me because I had decided that reading the Bible could be a valuable outlet for strengthening my relationship with God and with myself. So I was very grateful for the gift.

And when I received it in the mail, it took almost two whole days for me to even realize that the feather was stuck inside it, at the very page that’s depicted in the above picture.

My mom was at a remote lake somewhere in Missouri when she came across a few feathers on the ground. Attracted by their beauty, she decided to pick them up and take them home. She simply tossed them in a decorative shot glass on her bookshelf, where they sat for many months.

A few days before sending me the Bible, my mom decided she needed a change of decor. So she grabbed all of her old decorations, including the feathers, and stuck them in a box to be stored in the basement.

Well she accidentally dropped one of the feathers.

The next day, she went to send the Bible to me. But before packaging it, she wanted to mark one of the most popular passages of the Bible, John 3:16. Just as she was going to go searching for a book mark, her eye caught the feather sitting there on the ground in the corner of the room.

“Perfect!” she thought as she swiped it up and tossed it in the Bible.

I told her about it and she was really delighted. All in all, it was a pretty cool moment to discover the feather in my Bible after it arrived in the mail.

In fact, I didn’t even make the connection at first. I saw a gap in the pages of the Bible and I turned to that gap. “Hmm, a feather,” I observed casually. And as I went to set it aside to read the passage that was marked by the feather, my wife exclaimed, “That’s it!”

“Huh? OH…wow!!”

She said, “That’s the feather that I was talking about! That’s the exact type of feather that I was thinking of when I told you that black and orange feathers really do exist!”

We both sat humored at the fact that my intention appeared to work. Call it a coincidence if you want, but nothing can deny the fact that I set an intention to receive a black and orange feather…and got one!

D/C Russ


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  1. Wow what an amazing testimony on how to manifest something. A light bulb just went off in my head after reading how you attracted your feather. I just realized I need to start letting go and stop worrying so much about the things that I want. Thank you.

      1. How do I submit a story of my own about law of attraction? I find these stories very inspiring and I thought it would be nice to share some of my experiences here.