Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Manifested Superbowl Tickets"

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Contributor: Law of attraction life coach Cassie Parks

Hello all. This is a true story and I’m writ­ing it with the per­mis­sion of the other per­son involved. It’s a won­der­ful illus­tra­tion of using the law of attrac­tion, where we can get caught up as delib­er­ate cre­ators and how even when we do we can get right back on track. I’ve included man­i­fest­ing tips and high­lights in () so you can iden­tify where what you’re doing right and if some­thing is trip­ping you up how to course correct.

My friend is an avid Den­ver Bron­cos fan. I think she prob­a­bly really bleeds orange and blue. About a month ago she was intend­ing to be at the Superbowl if the Bron­cos were in it. It’s a no brainer. Her favorite team play­ing in the biggest game in her favorite city (NYC). Of course she was going.

Fast for­ward to the week prior … whahoo, the Bron­cos are going to the Super­bowl! She told us that night after the game that she hadn’t been selected in the sea­son ticket holder lot­tery, so she’d be man­i­fest­ing tick­ets. (Hold to the belief that what you want is com­ing true, even when it doesn’t look like it yet.)

What went through my mind: “She’s got this. She’s going.” (Sur­round your­self with peo­ple who will see you as who you want to be, and as hav­ing what you desire. Their added sup­port energy adds super­power to your inten­tions. Share your inten­tions with these peo­ple. And check in with yourself: Are you one of these sup­port­ive peo­ple who sees the out­comes your friends desire as done deals?)

Mon­day morn­ing, she sat in a cof­fee shop and wrote down how she had two tick­ets to the Superbowl. (Intend what you want. Write it, speak it, think it as is and let go.)

Mon­day at 1:09 pm we have the fol­low­ing text conversation:

Her: “Ok, what do I need to do to man­i­fest this ticket I KNOW is mine?” (It sometimes hap­pens that we intend and then we don’t trust. Trust is key to man­i­fest­ing what you want. Let go. You only need to do what you feel inspired to do. Leave the rest of the doing to the Uni­verse.)

Me: “Trust it’s yours. What would you be doing right now if you already had the ticket?”

Her: “Set­ting up my stay, dates with friends while in town, book­ing air­fare.”

Me: “That’s what I’d do then–if it feels good. If it doesn’t, don’t do it, even if you think you’re supposed to. Also, I would work through how awe­some it will be even if it doesn’t show up and you’re in NYC enjoy­ing your friends, the atmos­phere, the expe­ri­ence.” (“If it feels good” is always the indi­ca­tor of what you want to be doing to man­i­fest your desire. Also, let go of the attach­ment to the “thing” and get happy.)

Her: “Hum, that’s the thing. I would rather be in Den­ver if I don’t get a ticket. Is that what’s hold­ing me back?”

Me: “I don’t think any­thing holds us back. Gives us a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. If you’d rather be here (Den­ver) if you don’t have a ticket then just let go and let the Uni­verse deliver what is best.” (Let go of the attach­ment to what it is that is going to make you happy and get happy. In this case it’s easy because she really will be happy either way. She just wasn’t let­ting her­self enjoy the pos­si­bil­ity of being in Den­ver because she was hold­ing so tightly to NYC).

Her: “Love it. Thanks!”

Tues­day at 10:30 she posts this on Face­book: “Aaaand.…this girl just man­i­fested 2 tick­ets to the Super Bowl! BOOM!”

My com­ment on Facebook: “Of course you did!”

Cassie Parks


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