Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Sold My Home to the Right Buyers"


Guest contributor: Dartist

Earlier this year I put my property up for sale. Since I was so attached to it for so long, I put the thought out into the universe that I wanted someone special to buy this beautiful place–someone that would see the efforts that have gone into making it a comfortable home with the many personal touches that were so meaningful to me.

Many couples made the journey to the top of this country road to take a look. Keeping the home and yard in order was a huge effort. Anyone who has put a home up for sale will understand as it has to be ready for viewing with little notice at times and can become wearing.

I kept writing my affirmations and asking for a buyer. Then one night I read a book about the law of attraction. It said that asking over and over lessens the impact and weakens my request as it shows that I am putting up blocks that slow down bringing what I want into my life. Instead, I had to truly believe and then just let go of my fears.

So, that’s what I did. I stopped repeating my request over and over, trusting that the right buyer would appear. I also rented a storage unit and started moving items into it as if my place had already sold. I made firm plans to leave on a certain date and prepared accordingly.

A few weeks ago, my realtor had an open house and one young couple in particular was really taken by this home and property. They asked to meet with me and look at the property again and I happily complied. The husband walked the grounds with me as I pointed out what things about it were special to me and also how much I had enjoyed living here because of it’s beauty and history. I explained how all of the surrounding properties were once a part of this farm and how acres were sold over time to other families. We walked for a long time and I was open and he commented later to the realtor that he was impressed that I had so much knowledge about this piece of land.

Finally, we came into the kitchen where I spent time chatting to his wife. We hit it off right away and I learned that she and I were born in the same hospital in a neighboring state, and that one of my high school classmates was her uncle. The main part of my home is a log structure dating from around 1860 that was built from chestnut and other hardwoods cut and milled up on this ridge where I have lived. This was exactly what this couple had dreamed of finding and I offered to show them my daughter’s home built in the same time period so that they could see the exposed old logs and learn the process of restoration if they decided to buy.

Monday, I signed a sales agreement with them conditional on their selling their home and doing the usual inspections. I know that they are the right couple. I know that they appreciate the history here and that is something that is very important to me if I’m going to feel right about passing this place on. They are so excited about living here and I am content to allow them the time they need to sell their own home as I want them to live here and build a life on this land that is so peaceful.

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and anyone wishing to enrich their own lives will find it very helpful to read about it more.




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