Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Got a Check for $500”

Guest contributor: Chris at Wisdom and Life and Chris writes about the law of attraction, faith, spirituality and wisdom and is a very beautiful wordsmith.

A few years ago, after watching Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret for the first time, I decided to follow one of the steps she gave–the one where she said to ask for something, write it down and believe that it has already arrived.

I was introduced to the movie in November, and the goal I wrote down was that by the end of that month I would receive an unexpected check of $500.00. So,  I wrote the goal down, kept it in my wallet and then simply forgot about it.  I know this will be challenging to believe, but as November closed out I went to visit my mom for my Sunday dinner.  After dinner, once everything was put away, she went to her bedroom and came back with her checkbook.  Then she wrote me a check for …

… Drumroll please …

… $500.00.  I hadn’t thought about that note that I’d tucked into my wallet since the second week in November, but when my mom handed me that check, my heart skipped a beat.

“What’s this for? ” I asked. She shrugged. “Nothing.  Just wanted to do something for you,” she said.

As I opened my wallet to put the check in, I saw the note I’d written earlier in the month.  I pulled it out and showed it to my Mom.  She’s EXTREMELY skeptical of spiritual matters, by the way. She has a challenging time with my new paradigm.  I recommended a book I’ve been using recently for my blog called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I’m doing my best to help her remove her blinders.  (Not being so successful, however.) This was a good chance to do that.

When she saw the note that I pulled out of my wallet, she was as surprised as I was.  The EXACT figure I’d written down was received at the EXACT time I’d asked for.  C’mon!  That just doesn’t happen.



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  1. Molly,

    I have a similar story. My first introduction to Law of Attraction was through the movie “The Secret”. After watching, I said to myself, “If this is real, show me by sending me a check in the mail.” Just a matter of fact statement with no emotion attached to it or no other thought about it. The next day I opened up the mailbox and found an envelope from the IRS with a check in it…drum roll….for just under $12,000. I had overpaid our taxes. Needless to say, I was blown away. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate the story.