Law of Attraction Success Story: "I’m a Better Dancer–And a More Accepting Person"

Contributor: Dustin Spero of San Francisco, who shares this law of attraction success story on

For those of you that don’t know, The Secret’s official website hosts gobs of awesome true law of attraction success stories.

One that I read recently comes from a man who, after reading The Secret, gained the courage he needed to audition for his dream job: professional ballet dancer. Though Spero doesn’t get into a whole lot of specifics on how he did end up achieving this dream, I enjoyed reading that he found a new inner peace regarding the faith of others.

Here’s a brief excerpt for you about what he has achieved since becoming aware of the law of attraction at work:

“My dancing has improved a hundred times over infinity! My love life has been perfect. I have a clear focus on what I want. I’ve even found more acceptance for others and myself in my every day life. I accept Christians now whereas, before as a gay man, I avoided them. I just feel as if focusing on love and thanks really made all the pieces of my life fall into place.”

He also notes that he now sees the blessing in disguise that is the mild form of autism he was born with.

You can read the rest of his story at


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  1. Wow, thanks for your thoughtful comment! I love your stories. Thanks for contributing to the blog. I don’t know what I can teach you really, except that reading is helpful and inspiring …. and relaxing into knowing is the best thing you can do. Hope to hear from you again. -Mollie