Law of Attraction Success Story: Jeanette Maw: “There Isn’t Just One Right LOA Technique”

The Manifesting Experiment

Contributor: Jeannette Maw. Jeannette Maw is the law of attraction party host at Good Vibe U and co-founder of Good Vibe Astrology. Subscribe to her Good Vibe newsletter here. Connect on Google+.

What’s your best process for manifesting what you want?

We talked different ways to leverage law of attraction over here last month.

Have you experimented with different approaches to discover your favorite law of attraction routine?

Maybe it’s to …

  • Write it down. (Once or make a daily list?)
  • Speak it out loud. (One time or repeated affirmations?)
  • Think a little thought and let it go – or make it your single-minded focus?
  • Keep it to yourself – or declare it to others?
  • Use deadlines or keep it open?
  • Get specific with details or to let Universe fill those in?
  • Include manifesting aids like crystals, vision boards, mind movies, etc. or keep it simple?

There isn’t one right answer for all of us, all the time.

What works brilliantly for your friend may leave you scratching your head wondering why nothing’s happening.

Don’t let that get you discouraged about your creative powers, though. It just means your best process for achieving alignment may be different.

If you haven’t ever experimented with different manifesting approaches, now is a great time to get clear about your most effective formula.

You can engage your own customized LOA experiment to discover your best path to alignment.

I was reminded of this when Pam Grout invited E Squared readers to prove the existence of the Field of Infinite Potential by intending to receive an unusual blessing or gift of some sort within 48 hours.

I set an intention and noted the day and time it should be here by. My 48 hours came and went without any clear signs. (Does this dirty penny in the street count? Could it be that compliment someone emailed?) Well, if it wasn’t obvious, it doesn’t count, I decided.

Exactly one week later I was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers in my hair one afternoon.

Okay, that counts! (Surprise flowers in my hair?! You’re very cool, Universe!)

Was it a failure that it happened well after the 48 hour deadline? To me it was a sign that my best manifesting process doesn’t include time frames!

I remembered when I used to give my angels a written “to do” list each month. Invariably many of the items on the list would appear the following month. That used to frustrate me, but I learned to relax about the timing and that seemed to allow things to happen faster.

Which tells me I’m better off not engaging deadlines for my dreams and goals. For some of my clients, though, the magic doesn’t happen until they pick a date.

Another example of how different our best processes can be … My business partner was on fire for drawing in perfect clients with a new process she engaged. Once she started this practice, everywhere we turned there was another fabulous new client! I thought I’d follow her lead to turn up the juice even more …

Her twice daily routine included ten minutes of EFT, ten minutes of affirmations, followed by ten minutes of visualizing. But when I copied her process, which felt like a lot of freakin’ work, new signups came to a sudden and obvious halt.

That told me things work best (for me) when I don’t try too hard, whereas she does much better when she gets serious and committed to a routine.

At the GVU monthly LOA treasure hunt I’ve learned manifestations appear more easily when the item has some sort of emotional significance for me.

What do you know about your own best manifesting process?

If you’re willing to play to discover it, you could pick 5 things of relatively equal believability value and engage a different manifesting approach for each one.

Results will reveal which approach serves you best. You can repeat the experiment for as many processes as you choose to test.

Or maybe you already know from past experience what sort of routine serves you best. (You can find lists of manifesting approaches here and here.)

Either way, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned from your LOA experiments!

Jeannette Maw


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  1. “I was surprised to find a bouquet of flowers in my hair one afternoon”. I bet, how would a bouquet of flowers suddenly appear in your hair?? Thats a lot of flowers, and you suddenly just noticed?

  2. Mollie….Thank you! I get the point. Your blog helps me to remember, the different ways of how the law of attraction works.

  3. I would like to share this, I love, I really love, how, “gratitude” operates in our lives, according to the ” Law of attraction”….is amazing…since, I started to practice and express my gratitude, every moment of my life, I can see great miracles in my daily life, seem to be smalls, but, I assure you, but, for me, are great and wonderful, because, they help to improve my life.So..thank you for your time. Vic

    ” When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light,for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself” TECUMSEH(1768-1813) Shawnee Native American Leader-from the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne