Law of Attraction Success Story: Linda Proctor: “I Reached the Top of My Profession”

Contributor: This law of attraction success story is excerpted from a book by Linda Proctor, wife of law of attraction expert Bob Proctor. You can download a free copy of Earn It and Enjoy It at

Three years into my sales career in the insurance industry, I found myself at a Bob Proctor Seminar. I was earning $25,000 a year and needing to earn much more. I was struggling and frustrated. Let me put the numbers into perspective for you…  I would cold call 200 people a week and would generally secure ten appointments. Once every three weeks I would make a sale. Not great percentages … I knew it and my managers knew it. When I shared these statistics with Bob, I clearly remember that all he did was smile and said, “Linda, I work with a different strategy. I make one call and sell 200 people.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself … let’s go back to the seminar. Bob stood in the front of the room and asked us if we could see ourselves earning $100,000 a year. The only thoughts running through my mind were that I could see myself spending it, but with my track record, I was having a lot of difficulty seeing myself earning it.

Then came our first personal encounter. Bob took the time to sit down with me. He was the first person who asked me what I really wanted–how I really wanted to be living. I quickly learned from him that if you are ever going to get a person to dramatically improve their results, you must find out what they want. From that point on you never talk about their results, you talk to them about what they want. Assure them that you can help them get what they want. It’s WANTS that motivate people, that inspire them to reach a little higher and run a little faster … sell a little more. He told me that he could show me how to achieve that lifestyle and asked me to commit to doing two things. He asked me if I would:

1. Commit to being in front of a prospect every morning by 9 a.m.

2. Ask everyone I speak with to purchase $100,000 of life insurance.

I made the commitment to Bob that I would do these two things, and in turn, he would hold me accountable. (I not only wanted to win, I wanted to impress him). Then I thought about the commitment I had made and I suddenly became very nervous. I could feel panic setting in.  I had been in sales for over three years, I knew how to do these things. The problem? I wasn’t doing them. In fact, in the three years I had been in the business, I can’t ever remember having an appointment before 9 a.m. Bob explained that if a person’s  compensation is on commission and they are not in front of a prospect, they are unemployed. It doesn’t matter how busy the salesperson is doing other THINGS related to the job, they must get in front of prospects. I rationalized that these two items seemed too simple to make a profound difference in my results, although I did believe they would make an impact. I  believed that to make a big difference in my results, I had to make a big difference in the activity.  How wrong I was. Small changes can make a big difference. A little over a year later I was earning close to $500,000!

The 9 a.m. call and the $100,000 sale idea was the first step in a series of lessons that Bob taught me. I have outlined all the lessons in this book, and for close to 30 years, these lessons have kept me at the top of my profession. These same lessons will reward you exactly the same way. Bob and I went on to become husband and wife. In the mid ‘80s, at Bob’s encouragement, I started my own financial services company and did very well. However, that company, and the responsibility that came with it, was very demanding of my time. I wanted freedom … time freedom. I already enjoyed money freedom. Therefore, I sold the business. Again, Bob said, if you know what you want, write it on a sheet of paper and ask yourself how to get it. I wrote that I wanted to have my own business with no limit on income. I did not want to have any employees nor did I want to have an office. I wanted to be able to operate my business from anywhere in the world … to have the freedom to come and go as I pleased. Bob looked at it and smiled. Again he said, “You are going to have to change your paradigms because right now you are hardwired to work the way you have always been working. You are going to have to look in an unconventional place for something that is unconventional. But understand this: if you are able to think it, you can most certainly do it.”  And I have been in that business for the past twelve years. If a business like that sounds appealing to you, I can help you get it. And now I can honestly tell you that if you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it. I have learned how to transfer the information that Bob gave me to others and I have helped a lot of people earn a lot of money. I would enjoy helping you!

Linda Proctor


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