Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Debt Was Paid and My Felony, Forgotten"

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Contributor: Lou Castro, who shares a law of attraction success story about overcoming major life obstacles.

About five years ago my life was headed in the wrong direction. I wasn’t doing too well at work, making just enough money to get by. I was facing a felony charge for making a poor judgment as to who I hung out with. And to top it all off, I had recently had my identity stolen as well, which left me in more than $5000 worth of debt. To make matters worse I was dating my soul mate at the time and I really did not have much to show or give her. It was very hard and embarrassing when we went out on dates and I could not pay. (By the way, connecting with her is in itself is an amazing story and I know the law of attraction definitely played its part–but I’ll leave that tale for another time.)

The result of all of these problems? First, really bad depression. Second, anxiety attacks. As time went on I felt myself digging deeper and deeper into a hole. Then, I made a decision that served me well: I decided to watch The Secret.

Mostly, I just wanted to see what the big fuss was about. However, to my surprise I absolutely loved the movie. Some of the things it talked about I already knew but for some reason, hearing them explained in the way they did just helped it make more sense. And so, as a result I made another decision, namely: from that day forward, I would avoid feeling negative and when I did I would try my best to change that feeling.

And so it began: my total life turnaround. To make an incredible story much, much shorter than it should be, this positivity practice completely changed my life.

Here’s the list of what happened:

1. I married my soul mate, a person whom at one point I did not even think I would get a date with after trying for over a year.

2. My debt to the IRS was paid off almost instantly.

3. The felony charge that I was facing disappeared–unexplained–after three years of check-ins every Friday!!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, soon afterwards I got a job doing what I love the most–a job I never even dreamed of getting (due in part to my decision to drop out of high school several years back).

Today, I’m happily married with two daughters and a home that to my surprise has almost doubled in price since purchase. Yes, there have been some struggles over the past half-decade, but I’ve taken them all on with good and positive thoughts. I am so happy with what I have now and don’t expect more, and yet . . . I just can’t get over how well the law of attraction continues to work in my life.

Lou Castro


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  1. After many years of struggle to get where I knew I needed to be in my life’s work, it is finally all falling into place, beginning with the entry into my life of my soul mate. That started when I “opened myself to receive” and quit trying to dictate the “how”. At the time, I had no intention of allowing another man into my life. I didn’t understand the law of attraction, but have since become familiar with it and have realized what I had done. I have a strong relationship with Nature, but had never allowed myself to believe that Nature herself could be my ally. Maybe it’s a different approach than many, but when I’m struggling, my nature allies remind me to allow my mind to be open to solutions, and then the solutions come to light. I alone live in the wilderness, so spend a lot of time talking to trees and Nature when I’m not at work. I’ve found in my own practice that maintaining a sense of awe, gratitude and general love for myself and the Universe is helpful.

    1. This is an awesome story, Madison, and I have a feeling there’s a lot more to it. I would absolutely love for you to guest post here with the story of how and when you met your partner.

      Looking forward to hearing from you if you are so inclined … mollie at

      1. I’ll try to work on that tonight when I’m home from work Mollie. I’d love to share. And you’re right, there’s so much more to it but I don’t know how to relay it from the knowing to the saying. Words just don’t do it right yet, but maybe the time will come later when it will.