Law of Attraction Success Story: “My Eczema Has Mostly Disappeared”

Contributor: Anonymous

My entire life (well, pretty much, anyway), I’ve had eczema on my skin. It’s a pretty common condition, but no one knows what causes it and all known treatments are temporary for most people (the most effective of these involving steroids). With the medication, the condition is usually pretty tolerable for me, but about three weeks ago, that was no longer the case. For some reason that I still don’t completely understand, the medicine seemed to stop working. My eczema had spread to my neck, face, and new places on my arms and legs. Every night, the urge to scratch (and therefore encourage it to spread it more) would keep me awake–and miserable. So, I decided to say an affirmation:

“My skin is perfectly clear. I have no eczema at all.”

Shortly after saying this affirmation, my husband and I decided to go on a last-minute trip to Mexico. I read somewhere that sea water is good for eczema, so I was looking forward to seeing if the trip would improve things a bit–though my confidence was not very high. Well, what happened surprised me.

Within two weeks, all of my eczema except the spots on my hands was gone.

I don’t know if it was the sea water or the humidity or the sun or what (though I suspect the sea water), but my skin is better than it has been in a really, really long time.

Update: Several years later, my eczema remains at lifetime low levels. I now suspect that it was the Vitamin D from the sun on the trip that healed me that week. I’ve been taking liquid Vitamin D ever since.


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  1. Mollie,
    Wonderful Idea! I am always, always happy to see affirmation blogs and any blogs that can relate to positively knowing we can and should get what we both need and choose to have (I never use the word “want” as it comes from a place of not having, “choose” works so much better).
    Thank you. I may have to put in an entry for you to consider down the road.

    1. Thanks, Scott! Keep in touch! You and other readers are also welcome to reblog these stories anytime! (Just use the “reblog” button at the top of the page (it has to be on the individual post’s page, though, so click the title of the blog to get there). Clear as mud!

    1. Thank you! Let me know if you have any good LOA stories and I’ll post them here! Or you can post on your site and I’ll reblog it! (you can email me at mollie at

    1. Awesome! What kinds of things do you see happening to you? Email me at mollie at–I’d love to share a story of yours if you have one! (links and credit given.)

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  3. It’s amazing when you make such affirmations how they come to pass. We all hastily give out power away by deciding we have no control over things.

    thanks for sharing.

    1. I should update this article: Since writing it, I have somehow attracted eczema back into my life (somewhat) . . . and then out again! I discovered on the Internet that a vitamin D deficiency can exacerbate eczema. I tried it, and it worked almost immediately. These days eczema is hardly ever on my mind–and just in time, as this occurred right after having my baby and I would not have been able to use my steroid cream while holding him (the eczema was on my hands). Anyway–if you have eczema, please try large doses of D!

        1. So true! Just had this experience yesterday. She wasn’t angry at me, though; she was retelling a story about someone who told her to decide to be happy, saying they didn’t understand. I backed the well-meaning advice …

          1. I think what people don’t get is that the decision to be happy isn’t going to make you happy, at least not right away, but it will manifest the circumstances, that if followed, will bring happiness, and a way out of depression.

  4. For you consideration: Whatever method works for you, is what works for you. No matter the actions you take, if your beliefs are not alignment with your bodies inner vitality, or if there is something still to learn, or repressed in your psyche, then the condition may return. Basically if you Believe in something it can work for you. In my experience with healing meditations, visualisations and affirmations, I now practice an inner healing visualisation, along with a SPECIFIC affirmation aimed at changing my beliefs to the result I intend to manifest, along with taking Physical actions in line with my new beliefs. In short (1) Affirmation to install new belief (2) Focused concentration/meditation on the belief/result you desire (e.g. For five minutes a day for one month, not too long) (3) Take action in line with your new belief.

    Also, when you see your condition, or a recurrence, do not focus on it, this is not a denial, but a withdrawing of focus, allowing the new belief time to manifest. You get what you focus upon, if you focus all your thoughts and attention on disease, you shall have it, if you focus your attention on unlimited health likewise, you shall have/be it. But use whatever works for YOU Mollie. If you like I can recommend some books or more specific strategies.

    1. Very good thoughts. I find the same thing; I tend not to focus on the negative, whatever it may be. Take last night, for instance. Lately, I’ve been stressing out about my baby’s sleeping (and not sleeping) habits. But last night I decided on a plan: I will nurse him only every three hours, so that he gets on a schedule of sorts. Well, last night he woke up on his own every three hours. I felt good about the plan, at peace, and I think that got through to him somehow. No struggle, just a decision.