Law of Attraction Success Story: “My Family Became Financially Stable”

happy law of attraction family
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Contributor: Anonymous

A few months ago, I was worried. A few of the members of my family were struggling financially, and I didn’t think there was anything I could do to help. One night around that time after visiting my hometown, I went to bed and said to myself, Instead of worrying about this anymore, why don’t I just say an affirmation? So, I did. This is what I said:

“My family is financially stable.”

Then I went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast with my mom.

“How are you guys doing?” I asked her as we ate. “I mean, financially? I’ve been a little worried about you.”

“You have?” she said. “Oh, don’t worry about us. We just had our monthly income go up. We’re doing much better now.”

She went on to explain that the family was now receiving about 20 percent more money every month due to a recent change in their financial planning.


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