Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Nail Fungus Cleared Up Completely"

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Contributor: Tatiana Ribber of Brisbane, Australia at

At The Secret’s official website, Tatiana writes the following:

“I had this really bad nail fungal infection that for more than five years I struggled to clear without success. I went to several doctors, tried creams and oils, took some very strong pills and even removed the nail twice. A box of the tablets to kill the fungus used to cost me about $100 and would last me only forty-five days. I took it for three years with little or no results until my doctor told me to stop because it was starting to cause liver damage.

“Then a couple of years ago I came across The Secret. After watching the movie I decided to try it out on my sick nail. For the next three weeks I would visualize a healthy, pink toenail and be grateful for that. I started painting my toenails so I wouldn’t have to look at the ugly nail again and after one week my nail started changing from bluish-greenish, disgusting gray, to healthy pink. In three weeks there were no more signs of the fungus. No medication, no creams–just a little nail polish and lots of positive thinking.

“Since that time, I have applied The Secret to other areas of my life with great success. I now have a very solid, loving relationship with my husband of twelve years, a beautiful daughter who will tell me how much she loves me every five minutes (no kidding!), and the healthy, prosperous, happy life that has always been intended for me.”



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