Law of Attraction Success Story: “My Relationship with My Father Is Healing”

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For most of the past few years, my relationship with my father wasn’t great. I was only talking to him about once a month and seeing him just on birthdays and holidays. I felt he was selfish and I didn’t call him very often. I felt like I needed an hour on the phone with him before I could get a word in.

But I did want to improve things with him. “How can I get closer to my dad?” I kept asking myself. I didn’t want to regret not doing so one day.

Then I read a book that changed everything. It is called The Power of Intention and it’s by Dr. Wayne Dyer. After reading it, I knew what I had to do: I had to get rid of the old beliefs I had towards my father and just look for the good in him.

So, that is exactly what I did. I started thinking about his good qualities and putting his limitations right out of my mind.

One night, I decided to visit my father, and before going I asked to be guided by the spirit rather than my ego while with him. I prayed that I would come from a place of love and not let anything my father did or said that night bother me.

Well, guess what: I saw a different man that night. He wanted to know everything that was going on with me for the last few months. We talked for hours, and at the end, I didn’t want to leave. We had a wonderful conversation and it opened great doors for our relationship.

Since then, my relationship with my father has improved greatly, but not only that; my father’s life has improved, too! After that night he went on to follow through with some of the goals and dreams that he had put away over twenty years ago when my mom died. He became more open-minded. He took the same spirituality-related course I took and identified the things about him that weren’t working, then started changing them. He has accomplished so much since that night that I saw him in a new light.

We are on a journey together, and it is awesome.



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  1. Such a wonderful story, Sal! Thank you… I’m sharing it on my FB page, etc. This same approach is echoed in the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and others. I think, from a physics perspective, we are constantly shifting through parallel realities and so we can rendez-vous with different *versions* of the same people—by tuning in to the vibration akin to each version. So that’s some great conscious shifting you’re doing!


  2. Hi Sal: I love your story that shows the power of love and how by focusing in on the good, we can improve relationships in our lives. I agree with Debbianne in that, as we chose to change our thoughts, to more loving ones, we begin to attract the versions of people who are in alignment with our improved vibrations. I too have improved relationships, and as I continue working on improving my own thought/feeling patterns, things keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. A friend just sent me the link to your blog and I’m so glad I found it. What a difference it can make in our lives when we share these valuable stories. Thanks Mollie.