Law of Attraction Success Story: Scott Vannatter: “I Did Several Successful Law of Attraction Experiments”

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Contributor: The wonderful Scott Vannatter of Kindredspirit23’s Blog, from which the following law of attraction story was excerpted.

I have done a lot of study and a lot of reading on the subjects of the mind, of intention and its power, and of creation. It is my full and total belief that we create our world by thinking about it. Quantum physics is piecing all of this together and a lot of science is coming around, too. It has now been proven that a subatomic particle (electron) can be in multiple places at once. I would postulate (as have others) that each of us has the power within our brains to bring thoughts into reality, and that we do so constantly.

The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol and E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout are just two of the books that deal with this wondrous topic. The first book deals with it from a time several decades ago. Pam’s book is more current and contains exercises that help you to achieve this intention power.

Here is a description of the experiments I did while reading through this book.

Law of Attraction Experiment One

At 9:48 p.m. on Friday, July 12, 2013, I began a 48-hour experiment to prove that the God-Force exists. I began by making the condition that within forty-eight hours the God-Force would create something wonderful for me. It had to be something that was not coincidental. There was no specification as to what, but that I would somehow know.

On Saturday, July 13, 2013 at twelve o’clock noon, I began my book signing at the library. I had been told to bring ten copies of my book, The Dead Sea, as that is normally a good selling amount. I also had one copy each of the other three anthologies my stories were in, so I brought and displayed them with the hopes of taking a couple of orders. I was warned that I might not have anyone show up and that I might not sell any copies at all.

When the book-signing was over at 2:30 p.m., I found that I’d sold twenty-three books at a profit. Eleven sales came from family members, which still meant that I sold twelve copies to non-family members! That, I was told by the library personnel, is HUGE, and could be considered a miracle.

Law of Attraction Experiment Two

Around midnight on Saturday, July 13, 2013, I began the second 48-hour experiment to prove that God-Force exists. This one had two 24-hour portions. In the first, I made the condition that I would see an extraordinary amount of green cars. I passed three car lots and did not see one; however, I did see eleven before getting on I69 at Anderson and four more by 96th Street, all before Saturday night was done.

The second 24-hour portion was to intend that I would see a yellow butterfly by Sunday night. This one worried me more as I have seen a couple of orange Monarchs since winter but no yellow ones. Saturday night, I went with my friend Autumn to see “Despicable Me2”. Near the end of the movie, the characters are singing a song in French and, well, one very yellow butterfly was on the screen and appeared several times in the rest of the film.

Law of Attraction Experiment Three

Experiment Three was to choose something relatively small but miraculous and intend for it in forty-eight hours. I requested to have $200. I was on vacation at the time in Portland, Oregon to visit my son. I had been given a little money to help with food and such, and while there I spent like I do now: conservatively. When the forty-eight hours was up, I looked in my wallet. I had about $162. I thought this strange, but simply accepted it as the answer. However, I was still interested by the differing amount from the $200 I had asked for. After a long sleep to catch up, I sat down to do my bills. I found that I had over-budgeted for two bills: about $34 and $4. This made $38 which, when added to the $162 was exactly $200!

How do you feel about the power of the mind?  Have you read much about it?  What do you base your thoughts on?



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  1. It’s almost strange to see the story in print, Mollie. It’s like rereading a book. Since the times above, I have done more experimenting and a great deal of serious intention requesting. It works so well. Soon, I believe I will take a much larger step out into believing and receiving.

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    1. Excellent, Priscilla! I love the idea for this film and I’d love to receive a copy! I will email you my address. Meanwhile, I can promote the movie on this blog if you can send me any (several?) of the true law of attraction stories it discusses.


  3. I think it’s good to revisit the past and see where you have come from and where you are at. This takes me back and I realize how far I have common in a relatively short time. My mind thinks about LoA constantly and my FB page on Quantum Physics, LoA, and God is coming along.