Law of Attraction Success Story: “We Bought a Vacation Home”

snow covered wooden house inside forest
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Guest contributor: Law of attraction believer Patti. You can read about some of the events leading up to this story here.

One of my life dreams was to own a home at my favorite vacation destination. I simply “put it out there” and stayed out of my own way. I didn’t focus on how it would happen, although there were times when I thought, “I have to find a better paying job,” or “I’m not saving enough!” But I quickly dismissed those ideas and reaffirmed that I was a happy beach house owner! My husband and I made frequent trips to the beach so we could attend open houses. I also put it on my vision board!

One day, my husband came home from work and announced that his company was being acquired. The new company was buying everyone’s stock options which translated into a huge windfall for us! We didn’t even know what stock options were!

This was just one of my dreams that came true by allowing the law of attraction to work in positive ways in my life. To me, this proves that if you let the universe handle the details, you can reach your dreams in a way you might never have imagined. I am now the proud and happy owner of a beach condo!

I enjoy so many of the little things in life now that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy before believing in this powerful law: A quiet walk on the beach or down a tree-lined path, the way the sun feels on my face, the sound of my kids laughing, or the kind smile of a stranger. I can stop in any moment, become present, and find some far-off sound or some sensation and connect with it. So many of those little things give me chills now and I always quietly give thanks for the feedback. Even being able to share this with you and countless others bring tears of joy to my eyes.



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