Self-Help Success Story: Leta Hamilton: “I Am Deeply at Peace”

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Contributor: Author Leta Hamilton, whose books include The Way of the Toddler and a four-book series called 100 Daily Messages.

When I told the Universe I wanted more peace, depth within my being and a closeness to God that was manifest in my daily existence, I had no idea how that would play out in experience. I had a very intimate hour with my Self in meditation where I asked from the depths of my being for expansion. It was a conversation that was completely with myself and spoken out loud. I sat for an hour and talked to myself about my desires, my intentions for peace and closeness with God. I gave my heart and soul to the All-ness of All That Is in that moment.

When I found out some months later that I was pregnant, though my husband had a vasectomy some 2-plus years earlier, I was angry, confused and suffering from a bad case of the “Why me?” syndrome. I had a burgeoning career as a writer and speaker, a radio show I loved and not enough time as it was to split between my career/non-mothering goals and my role as parent. It wasn’t meant to be, supposed to be or in any way fair!

Still, here I was with a baby inside of me and halfway through my second trimester. I was over four months along before I finally realized what was going on with my body. With a breastfeeding child already and a busy schedule with three other young ones, I was not paying a lot of attention to my monthly menstrual cycle. I just figured my lack of period was a result of the breastfeeding and moved through each day like “a chicken with its head cut off.”

My epiphany came when I realized that what I had in this pregnancy and this baby was exactly what I had put out there into the universe as an intention. It was the energy of what I desired most: a pathway to peace, greater discoveries of inner depth and perfect beyond perfect for becoming closer to God. Not only is a baby a way for all of us to connect to our God-self, but also the journey of getting to a peaceful state over this very shocking news was the perfect situation from which to explore my relationship with my God-self and become even closer to the All of All That Is.

I am here to say that intentions become reality when they are spoken from a place of authenticity that transcends beliefs, concepts and subliminal programming that may be creating a barrier between our spoken desires and our inner “ideas” about what is possible. As we move through the many-layered playground of mind, we see that we are a collection of beliefs and concepts that are often philosophically opposed. We can desire money and believe that it is the root of all evil. Figuring out our facets as a human is wonderfully fun if we allow it to be. It also allows us to examine our inner beliefs and concepts, discovering incongruities and adherence to the collective consciousness.

We can also examine how societal/cultural norms are at play in our energy and determine where they are serving our expansion as humans and where they are not. All of this inner work allows us to know ourselves, make choices from a place of clarity and authenticity, and freely claim our right to be on this planet. We can love ourselves with abandon when we have explored the inner landscape, loving and embracing what we find there—for it is all blissful discovering!

Becoming pregnant with my fourth child, another son, was everything I had asked for and more. The moment I realized he truly was an answer to prayer, I burst out in laughter. How brilliantly the Universe had delivered to me everything I desired! I am four years into his existence now. My life has changed significantly. On the outside, it may appear that I have given up many of my dreams. I no longer have the radio show. I do not speak to groups as often as I used to. My books don’t sell well and I have the job as Mom more than anything else at the moment. Yet, none of that matters. I am more happy and satisfied than I have ever been. I have the life that I need energetically to create all the wonderful experiences for me to cultivate peace in my heart, figure out my infinite depth and become closer and closer to God in every breath.

I—simply stated—love my life. What more could I ask for? Energetically, I am full, full, full! The law of attraction means for me constantly going within and finding the energy of that which I desire. The thing is a representation of the energy. I skip the middle man of the thing and go straight for the energy. I talk to the universe energetically. I connect to the energy of that which I desire and go into my life now to find where that energy already exists. In that, I find the ways I can be grateful right now. The energy of that which I desire is already evident in my day-to-day existence. Connecting to that evidence through meditation opens up my heart to appreciation that has no words.

Timothy is our answer to prayer! I think how lucky we are to have him. What I see in his eyes, his very presence, is my capacity to attract exactly what I want—in a most unexpected and brilliant way. Gratitude is simply inadequate to express my blessings.



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