Self-Help Success Story: Leta Hamilton: “If I Don’t Love It, I Love That I Don’t Love It”

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Contributor: Author Leta Hamilton, whose books include The Way of the Toddler and a four-book series called 100 Daily Messages.

Me: Sometimes it’s hard for me to love his thing we call God, or to even know whether I should. I mean, maybe just loving people is enough. Yes? No? How do you love God, when there’s no face to God?

Leta: I love God as a force at the heart of life. I feel it as a breathtakingly spiritual power at the center of all things, beyond faces, physicality or form. It is not human. It is like Chi of Taoism. It is everywhere, in everything (including me) and part of all expressions of existence. It is like electricity. It is. It has a quality to it that is all-powerful and God-like in a conventional sense of that word. However, it is beyond anthropomorphism. It cannot be labeled as anything “human” in any way, shape or form. It has Presence in my life without form. It is real like my hand is real, but in a way that defies logic or rational explanations. It is the ineffable.

I am constantly connected to this force and love it with every bit of my being. It brings everything good and wonderful into my life and it is everything–even things that others call “bad,” “unlucky,” “tragedy,” “dis-ease” and so on. These are great gifts from my perspective. They are things that come as ways to grow into myself and ever more close to that God-force I have been talking about. It is love for love’s sake. I have no agenda in it. My name for it is God because that makes the most sense.

Me: Do you have a go-to image or set of images that mean “God” to you?

Leta: No. It is life force. It has no feeling to it that can be described. It has a quality to it that is called “bliss” by the masters and gurus of our planet, but even that cannot adequately describe it. It is subjective and experiential. I would say that I am feeling the same thing that others have described as bliss or enlightenment, but I choose to call it nothing and just experience it. To love your life is enough. I won’t call myself blissed-out or in an enlightened state. I am loving life with my breaths. That is enough.

Me: I love God, too–but I really love LIFE. To me, the definition of God is LIFE. Is that what you mean?

Leta: I mean life and more than life. I mean what makes life possible at all. I mean the divine miracle that life is thrust upon the canvas of All That Is. I mean the interconnectedness of all life across all the cosmos. I mean the thing that exists before life is even a thought and the thing that will be there when all life is singing the swan song of existence. I mean the totality of all dimensions, realms of experience and planes of existence–including the multidimensions of the angelic realms and non-physical planes of existence on this planet (elemental beings). I mean the totality of ALL THAT IS. I cannot explain it any other way. God is a way to describe all of that and MORE. It is close as my breath and beyond anything my brain can comprehend. It is real to me. I cannot say it any other way.

Me: You love all that you see, all the time?

Leta: Yes. Pretty much. And if I don’t love it, I love that I don’t love it. Then I go into myself and contemplate until understanding comes. It takes years sometimes. All the while, I have fun!



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