Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Found Friends for a Day”

Contributor: Anonymous

One day when I was in high school, I had a strange experience. It happened, really, during a family counseling session at which a wonderful Christian woman prayed for me at length. The prayer was for friendship and a feeling of acceptance, and immediately, I felt the effect.

Here’s the thing: in high school, I had almost no friends, and very little self-confidence, either. The mantra in my brain everyday went something like this: people don’t like you, so don’t even try.

Well, that day, and totally supernaturally, the intent of that woman to help me must have broken through my own intent to be miserable, and the result was truly amazing: I felt like a socially accepted and acceptable person–and the next day, I started making friends.

That day in class, the teacher had us write evaluation notes to each other. That’s all we did the whole period–write evaluation notes, and receive and read them. Well, of course after a while this just became a note-passing free-for-all, and somehow, in the midst of this, I started noticing something: people were treating me differently. They were including me. They were complimenting me.

I finally felt like one of them.

By the end of the class period, a few of us even exchanged phone numbers.

I was sad when the next day the new-found confidence faded. I didn’t know that there was anything I could do to get it back.

One day, I hope to teach my children the lesson of that day, namely: when you shift inside, circumstances shift around you, too–and sometimes in a pretty speedy way.


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