Law of Attraction Success Story: "Finally, I’m Successful"

Contributor: The “law of attraction science guy” Greg Kuhn, author of Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat and more. The first of a series of three posts by Kuhn, this story is excerpted from Do Not Fail, an awesome and potentially life-changing read.

“I used to be obsessed with becoming wealthy, yet financial abundance was always frustratingly absent from my material reality.  Most of my adult life, any time I acquired more money, it always disappeared quickly, seemingly slipping through my fingers without ever allowing me to use it in the ways I wanted to.

Finally, in 1999, I found a business idea I thought was foolproof and, after talking it over with my wife, decided to sink everything into it.  I already knew that I created my material reality through my expectations, so I naïvely thought that all I had to do was take a big leap and simply think nothing but positive thoughts about the business.

I thought, “This is it. This is the big break I’ve been seeking, and I need to show my faith in my personal power to manifest abundance by going ‘all in’ with no reservations.  I know how to create my own reality. All I need to do is take this big action and I’ll finally become wealthy.”  I did not yet understand how vital it was to truly change my beliefs on a deep and lasting level (as if you’ve read my book you now know to do), so my decision was unwittingly foolish (so much for foolproof, huh?) and almost cost me everything.

So I made it my job to constantly and continually shower myself with positive affirmations and statements about my business’s success.  I spoke about my business only in positive ways, I meditated about my business with positive feelings and intent, and I read lots of uplifting books to inspire my thoughts and keep them 100 percent positive. So when everything came crashing down on me and my family a few years later, and all my previous resources and assets were transformed into crushing debts and obligations, I was beyond devastated.  I could not conceive how these paradigms had “failed” me after I had legitimately put so much effort into nothing but positivity.

Fueled by the need to clean up the financial mess I’d created, I began the actual process you’ve learned of reforming my neural pathways of habitual thought concerning money.  My commitment to tell better stories about money, using uplifting words, started right where I was.  To that end, my stories about money were initially along the lines of “Although I currently believe that financial abundance is bad and beyond my grasp, I also believe that, over time and with practice, I can change those beliefs by telling better stories about money.  And, as I change my beliefs about money, I also believe that I can experience an eventual change in my material reality.”

By the time I’d been telling better stories about money for about eight months, I was not only experiencing more money in my material reality, but I was also inspired to tell even better stories that were completely believable such as, “Although the money I’m currently experiencing in my physical reality is not as great as my ultimate desires, I know that my beliefs are continuing to grow and I know that my ultimate destination is to experience the money I’ve dreamt of.”

Within a year and a half of this process, I had truly realized my financial desires experiencing more money than I ever had.  By then, the stories I told myself were akin to “I know that financial abundance is mine. I embody and expect financial abundance. Wealth is who I am.  Money loves me, and I love it in return.” These stories had become my beliefs and I had not only materialized enough money and resources to clear away over $800,000 in debt, but I was also watching my checking and saving accounts swell.

Today, years later, I almost always experience a happy abundance of financial freedom. Having been faced with looming bankruptcy and foreclosures in 2003, I now live with my large, happy family in a wonderfully located, expansive, beautiful home, own another gorgeous home in a highly desirable neighborhood, live relatively debt-free, and enjoy a lifestyle with my family that affords us almost everything we desire (including the ability to fulfill our commitment to helping others). Does this mean that I have more money than I know what to do with (including helping family, friends, and charity)?  Does it mean that I never encounter a frustrating or unexpected bill or debt?  Not at all. But, because of my new beliefs, I no longer experience any temporary lack of money as some link in a maddeningly unbreakable chain of absence.  I am truly able to see such temporary circumstances as opportunities to both reexamine my beliefs about money and continue to grow my beliefs by telling better stories.  I have more money in my life today than I have ever experienced, and I expect (and know) that my financial abundance will only continue to grow.

To the God in YOU,

Greg Kuhn

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  1. What does science tell about the Law of Attraction? It tells that LoA doesn’t work. Do you need a proof by scientific evidence? Read this:

    But if we are hard die believers in LoA, affected by cognitive bias, then we should refuse to believe in science. Refuse to believe that your personal computer was built by using science knowledge, refuse to believe in Newton gravity law, refuse to believe in scientific evidence in general. Program our brain with positive thinking like a robot. Don’t accept our feelings as they are. Don’t love ourselves the way we are. Throw our life experience and our own judgment into the trash. Never desire to save our emotions.

    People, I will always save my emotions. i’ll never force myself to think positive. I don’t need it. I’ve always earnt from my mistakes and sometimes even sufference was a useful tool for improving my life. I’ll never kick off someone who have negative thinking. I won’t fear to be contaminated by negative thinking, but I’ll hear people’s reasons and I’ll try to offer my help. I don’t program my brain, I just use my heart, in a natural manner. How dare can you struggle for discovering the right way to use LoA, while so many people are starving? Don’t be selfish. If you think that LoA is useful, then try to use it for knowing yourself instead of wishing a new car. My life is wonderful, my wishes are normal. Friends, I don’t need LoA at all. Life remains the most beautiful thing i have.