Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Became a Mother”

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Six or seven years ago, things weren’t quite right with my life. I was thirty–a good age to be. I was married. We had the two-income, two-car, white picket fence American dream thing going on. But I just wasn’t feeling my life … Rush hour traffic, a cubicle, short coffee breaks and one hour lunches, living for Friday night happy hours and cramming everything worthwhile into the weekends. Sure, I was successful … But was I happy?

Well, the answer to that was “no.”

So, I set out to make some changes. First, I started a gratitude journal … And it worked! It made me feel like the world was bigger than just my little day-to-day tasks. Then, from there, I decided to do more. I started reading Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks and I watched a movie based on the book The Secret.

Now, at first this New Age stuff sounds like wishful thinking or living in your own world of make-believe.For a while there, I just could not see how positive statements would work to change my current existence.

Then it began to sink in: This kind of thinking can lead to very specific and highly impactful shifts in your identity and core beliefs about yourself.

Here’s an example: Though I have always wanted to be a mother, I was pretty petrified at the thought of all that responsibility and unsure that I could live up to my end of the bargain. I had very deep-seated insecurities and a neediness that overpowered my natural ability to give everything I had to a baby. So, I worked on affirming and visualizing myself as a confident mother and soon, I decided that I AM A MOM!

And here’s the cool thing: For the first time, I felt it. I believed it.  I hadn’t even become a mom yet but I knew I was one. I can only describe it as someone else telling me–my higher Self, or God–that it was true. My critical mind didn’t matter. I suddenly believed in myself!

After that, I took a pregnancy test … and it was positive.

Of course, I had anxieties while expecting (I still do and he’s now three!). But I don’t doubt to my core that I am a good mother.



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