Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Got a Free Baseball Cap"

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Guest contributor: Timothy Jacobs, Timothy is an awesome freelance writer and author.

My friend Chris P. introduced me to the law of attraction about two years ago. I’ve since read the book The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks three times and try to apply it to my daily life – and it works, even when you’re not focused on it. Here’s my example:

About three weeks ago, for some unknown reason, I twas thinking about the three sports teams that I like: New York Giants, the Boston Bruins, and the New York Yankees. I began to recall that throughout my life (I’m 44) I’ve always had T-shirts, baseball caps, and jerseys of the Yankees and Bruins, but for some odd reason, I never had anything of the Giants. As strange as this seemed, I only briefly thought that maybe the next time I’m out and about, I’d buy a Giants baseball cap to wear when I watched them played.

After this thought passed and about three weeks had gone by, I received a phone call at work. It was a salesperson asking about supplies we use in the warehouse. The warehouse manager was on vacation, and me being the former warehouse manager, I fielded the call.

Toward the end of the call, the salesperson asked if I was a NASCAR fan, to which I replied “no.” She asked, “What sports do you watch?” I said, “I’ve been a Giants fan since childhood.” “Great,” she said. “What size shirt do you wear?” I told her I wore extra large. The she told that she was sending me a Giants shirt, jersey and baseball cap just for taking her call.

I put no effort into my thought of how I never had a Giants jersey, shirt or hat, but the law of attraction certainly worked. Right after that phone call, I called my friend Chris P. and told him what happened. That phone call only reaffirmed our belief in that fact that LOA works.

Timothy M. Jacobs


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