Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Accomplished My Goals”

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Every one of us has something that we really want in this life. Well, for the last several weeks, I’ve been getting what I want pretty easily. And I believe it’s because I’ve started a new routine every day: listening to positive affirmation quotes.

Take my business, for example. Currently, I’m launching my second business and my goal is to spread the word and get merchant sign-ups. Trust me, cold calling and selling anything is never easy.

So, I made a plan. Here’s what it was: 1. Create a video, and 2. Launch it to the public.

I wrote these goals on May 23, outlining exactly what I needed to do to launch my business.

Now, this might look very simple, but a lot of thought went into these two goals. Using a technique used by the U.S. military, I decided that I needed to start not with the first steps–the things I would do to accomplish my goals–but with the last steps instead.

I had to start at the end.

So, I stepped back and asked myself this question: Right before I achieve my end goal, what will I need to do? Then, I stepped back again and asked myself the same question over and over again until I reached the starting point again.

Now, here’s where positive thinking and my subconscious mind come into play. I put a sticky note on my phone screen (this is why I love my android phone so much) that reminds me every day of the next step I need to take, along with the date by which I needed to take it.

The note reads: “Get at least one merchant by 6/15/2012.” Every day, I see this note because it’s on my phone screen. I cannot avoid this message.

The result? I got my first merchant sign-up on June 13, two days before my goal. And by the 15th, I had two sign-ups.

Here’s the thing: I’m not a diligent person by any means. It’s hard for me to achieve what I want. But, using this method, even I accomplished a goal that I thought was going to be really hard. So, here are my thoughts on how to get what you want in life:

  1. You must know where you want to go, what you want to achieve; you must have a clear end goal.
  2. After determining your end goal, you must take one step back, then repeat this process until you get to the beginning so that you are aware of and able to plan every step.
  3. You must give yourself plenty of time to meet the goals so that you don’t get discouraged.
  4. You must visualize your current step or goal every day–literally. You need to see actual text or something else that says what your goal is. This will tell your subconscious mind that this task is important to you, which will then tell your brain to be aware of ways in which you can achieve it.
  5. You must believe that you’ll achieve your goal. Listen to positive affirmation recordings or see my pinterest board with Positive Quotes.

Seriously, the law of attraction works! I don’t care what anyone else says; I’ve been experiencing it firsthand.


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  1. I LOVE this post! I especially like the idea of working from the end result back. I will have to use that. Things have been manifesting for me so quickly now. It is truly amazing. I’m even getting more than one of the thing I desired – such as three fabulous job offers over the last few weeks!!! There is NO doubt that it works!

        1. Mollie, your blog is one of my favorite blogs in the world. After reading it I feel filled with possibilities and that their is no limit to the good we can receive. Thanks for all you do and thanks to all of the people who share their stories. XOXO

  2. Sarah, that’s awesome. Could you share how you received 3 jobs offers? What did you do LOA wise? Thanks for inspiring!

    1. Hello, Rinna!

      There are a few things that I did that attracted three job offers in a matter of weeks. First was to take action. I acquired three job offers by applying for just one! There was a job I really wanted, but I found out it was not available. So, I chose to apply for the next job on my list of prospects. Here’s the most important part: I let go of the outcome. I didn’t do it on purpose. I got distracted with other things and forgot about the jobs after obsessing about them for many weeks. Here’s what happened: A few days after I had stopped obsessing and essentially let go of the outcome I was offered my second choice job. The same day I accepted that position, I received an e-mail from my first job choice letting me know that miraculously the job that had been eliminated due to budget cuts a few weeks prior was now reinstated and would I like the position. Um, yeah!!! Then within a week of accepting that position, I was offered another job as a part-time event coordinator that I had never even applied for, which I just accepted today. Did I mention that both jobs are working from home? Since I have a special needs child, it is very important for me to have that kind of flexibility!

      Here’s what I know for sure. First, take action towards what you want. It doesn’t matter if you apply for the “right” job or not because the Universe will take care of that for you. All you have to do is take a step in the direction of what you want. Second, let go of the outcome, and I mean really let go, distract yourself, do whatever you can to let go of the outcome. I have had several incidences over the past month where things were seriously blocked for me and I became more and more panicked. But, literally within a day or two of letting go of the outcome whether intentionally or unintentionally, the solution came to me. I’ll say that again, the solution came to me. I’ve been doing it incorrectly for so long. I’ve been out trying to hunt down the solution and it, seeing my crazy, frenzied self, ran far far away. The moment I sat still and let go, the solution crawled right into my lap. I could give you SO many examples. Mollie has posted one of the biggest example here on her blog about a car accident I was in that totaled my car in June and how, a month later, my car came back to me in better condition than it had ever been. Take action. Let go. Stay positive. Send love to everybody especially those you really don’t want to. It works!!!

      1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m seeking work from home positions doing events or PR and so this inspires me to know that there are opportunities out there like this. Congratulations on your new job and thank you for sharing!
        P.S. I remember saying something about Oprah obsessing over a movie role for months and the day she surrendered she got “the call.” I wonder is there something to the focused intent for a long period of time andt then surrendering. This could be the secret sauce.

  3. Mollie, which positive affirmations program do you recommend? Do you achieve faster manifestations when your affirmations are specific or when they are general?

    1. Good questions! I don’t follow any program but have you read Conversations with God? That is an amazingly helpful book.

      On specific and general: when a specific one feels right, say that; when a general one feels right, say that. That is my magic formula!

      1. Hi Mollie,
        I have read Conversations with God but a long time ago. I do need to re-read it. Any specific sections you think I should pay more attention to? Thanks

        1. It’s always worth a re-read. I loved the end of Part Three a lot, but I find that every time I read it, something different comes up that applies to my life in that moment.

  4. I read one of your posts…. I like your blog and look forward to reading more. Just popping in to say I agree wholly…. the Law of Attraction does work and I know many stories to support it. Look forward to reading and replying more. Ciao. Chaz