Law of Attraction Success Story: "My Car Came Back to Me"

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Guest contributor: Sarah Joyce Bryant. Sarah is the amazing mother of an child with Asperger’s Syndrome. To read her blog, visit

So, people of faith: Here’s absolute proof that this thing we call law of attraction really works: I got my car back today!

Here’s the whole story: Several months back, my car–the only one that I have–was totaled in a car accident. Ever since then, my son Cody has been saying affirmations every day that it would come back to us.

Was this strange in itself? Well, kind of. I mean, I have taught him to say affirmations daily–frequently, even, all throughout the day. But how often is it that a car that doesn’t work anymore is one that you end up with again?

Anyway, one afternoon not long ago, Cody told me that he’d had a dream. In it, our Nissan had come back to us.

Well, two and a half hours later, it happened. The guy that I sold the wrecked car to for $300 called and told me that he’d decided to fix it instead of junking it. He offered to sell it back to me for $1850! I was able to borrow the money from a friend while I wait for my fundraiser to end, and now I have a car that’s in good shape for a total of only $1550!

Isn’t that AMAZING?

What’s even better is that the guy fixed several things on the car, too, that I had been unable to afford to fix–a serious bonus!



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  1. Hi Mollie:
    Amazing story. Shared on Google+. Love that all these people come to you to share their stories. This further affirms that LoA works if you put it into action.


    1. Thanks for sharing my story, Chris! I love this site, too. It seems Mollie posts something just when I need a reminder that the law of attraction is always in action. I have had so many amazing things happen over the last month, and I owe a lot of that to Mollie’s posts!

  2. Thank you so much, Mollie, for once again sharing the miraculous things that have been happening in my life. I truly appreciate you! I love seeing your posts in my in-box and always stop what I’m doing so I can read them. They are truly a reminder that the law of attraction works for everyone and for everything 🙂