Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Bought a Car for Exactly the Price I Intended"

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Guest contributor: Ila, an enthusiastic deliberate creator and law of attraction believer

My name is Ila, and I am a strong believer in frequencies, positive thinking and the like, so the law of attraction is right up my alley. Here is just one of my stories.

In 2008, I purchased a 1999 VW beetle that I simply adored. The problem was this: it didn’t reciprocate the feeling! It was a second- or third-hand vehicle, and I was assured that mechanically it would work.

Well, that was so far from the truth it was laughable.

Loving this car as much as I did, I tried everything I knew and poured tons of money into getting it to work. I tried and tried to make a car run smoothly that had never gotten the proper attention and care that it needed.

Then finally one day, reality set in. I broke my long love affair with my beloved beetle, and decided I would pour no more money into it. After that, about two months ago, while driving with a friend, I remarked, “I’m going to purchase a car, and I am not going to spend more than $2000.00 for it.”

Upon hearing this proclamation, my cynical friend simply said, “Good luck with that!” But, much to her surprise and mine as well, as soon as the words left my lips, I looked to my left and saw a Chevy sedan sitting on a parking lot for sale for $1900.00!

The next day, I went to the used car lot and put a deposit on the car, and two days later I drove away with my used but very dependable car–at the price I wanted.

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