Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Bought My Dream Car Without a Loan!"

true law of attraction story

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Guest contributor: Ezza, Ezza is an awesome personal growth coach and has a lot of experience using the law of attraction to fulfill her dreams.

Several years back, my husband and I moved from our hometown, Tamworth, to relocate for better work, better money and a better life on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. We only recently married–still within those first six to eight months–and were looking forward to a change.

After the move, my husband started working in construction and I decided to take a few months off to relax and try to have family. We were unsuccessful, so I returned to work in hopes of making ends meet and having a better lifestyle. I took a job in sales going door-to-door for an electrical company. I worked fifteen hours or more Monday through Saturday for a lousy $400 weekly paycheck. It was hard.

This had been going on for about two years when I was introduced to a personal development company (which will remain nameless, of course) that taught the principles of the law of attraction and positive thinking. I liked how this sounded, so I quit my job at the electric company and began working on their sales team instead.

At the time, my mindset was all over the shop. I never really understood the concept of the law of attraction because my head was full of negativity. I carried a great deal of baggage, including feelings of worthlessness, loathing, guilt, regret and lack of confidence. I entered the company thinking I could make thousands or hundreds of thousands every month and live the high life–even with all my baggage. I worked hard everyday with little knowledge of how to implement for myself any of the skills I was selling.

Then one day, I started to use the program for myself. For thirty days, I set goals and worked on my inner person as I watched the example of others who had done the same with amazing results. At that point, my mindset became: “This program works and if I want to sell more I have to believe and use what I am selling.”

As a child, the vehicle I dreamed of owning was a BMW because a close of mine had one and I fell in love with it. So, in the first fourteen days of my new life, I set a goal to own my first car and to buy it outright, with nothing owed. I did not know the color, style or model of the BMW I wanted but I KNEW I WANTED ONE!!!

One day, I decided to take my husband to every car lot in Southport to look for the right one. Within twenty minutes, we found it. It was in the front window of the lot: My silver BMW Z4 Coupe (I have and always will be a Coupe Girl!). The first time I sat in the car, I cried for about ten minutes. For me, that was my moment of realization (a.k.a. my “aha moment”) that ultimately changed my life and career forever.

My husband took a photo of me sitting in the car with my thumbs up and I pinned this in my journal so I could look at it every day. I used an affirmation that included an end date (when I would be able to buy the car) as well as the color and model of the car. Then I wrote down an action plan on how I would achieve this goal and the necessary steps involved to my make my dream happen.

During those three weeks, my business boomed, my mindset changed and the determination cap came on. I found myself thinking more positively and carrying out the seven steps to success.

At one point I did feel somewhat delusional as I did not reach my goal by the end date I’d set. I stayed this way for a full week, feeling the disappointment even though my sales were through the roof and business was at its most successful time. One night, I took out my journal, cried at the photo of me in the BMW and said a few prayers in hopes this would lessen the pain of disappointment.

Then, it happened.

The next morning, I looked at my bank account and screamed. I raced down to the dealership and wrote out a check for the full purchase price of the car. I drove out that afternoon and took my husband out to dinner.

As a result of this experience, I learned a very hard but valuable lesson about perspiration and persistence. It’s been one heck of a ride learning, discovering, and using the law of attraction and personal development to help shape and change my life–for the better.

To this day, my BMW remains with me as a constant reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.



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