Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Went From Rags to Riches,” Part Two

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Guest contributor: Sarah Centrella of This is part two of Sarah’s “rags to riches” law of attraction success story

Last summer, one of my industry’s trade shows was moved at the last minute (due to terrible flooding) from Nashville to Las Vegas. I was looking forward to the trip since I was pretty sure I was the only adult on the west coast who had never been to Sin City before.It was a fun week, but it was also long, hot and exhausting, and I was glad to be on the plane home. When I got back to the office, I noticed something: My vision board.I looked at it more closely, and immediately, I got chills all over.There was the picture of the Las Vegas Strip that I had placed on it several years before–though at the time I was living in near-poverty conditions.

About two hours later, as I was working away, I noticed something else that was interesting. In the very center of the picture was the Paris Hotel.

Woah, I thought. That is just beyond crazy.

Why? Because I had stayed at the Paris Hotel all week.

I didn’t book the trip; it was booked without my input through work. And at the moment I saw that picture there, something clicked: this wasn’t a “vision board” at all–it was a FUTURE BOARD!!

Since that time, I have stayed in 5-star hotels, eaten at 5-star restaurants, flown first class. I’ve had limos and chauffers take me wherever I’ve needed to go. I have played a privet pick-up game of football with my son and NFL Baltimore Raven’s Tight End Ed Dickson and Oregon College football star Kenjon Barner. I’ve watched a New York Knicks game from the official Knicks team sky box with Knicks coaches and executives. I’ve watched my son meet NBA players while chilling on the NBA bench post game. I’ve gone to the official NFL Draft after-parties in New York. I’ve surfed in Hawaii behind my son (who got up on his first try!). I’ve snorkeled with giant sea turtles while holding his hand. I’ve fallen asleep under a panoramic view of the Empire State Building, in my two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse suite. I’ve had lunch at the same restaurant as President Obama while he was also having lunch under the watchful eye of the secret service. I’ve lived Pinch Me Moments.

And did I mention that I did all of this without spending a dime of my own money?

Now do you believe that anything is possible?

I tell you all this not to brag. I say it for one reason only:

To inspire.

More specifically: to inspire you. To help you realize that you are the only person and the only thing of any kind that stands in the way of what is possible–of watching your dreams come true like magic, one by one.

Last fall, I moved the kids and I into a real home again, and trained for a marathon. I was named Friday Girl TV’s “Shoe Queen” for December for women executives and their stilettos. I got the Benz that was also on my vision board (when I was in the market for something totally different this one fell into my lap for half the price I had expected to pay for the other car!).

Recently, I made a new vision board. I put all my “been there, done that” pictures from my old board in a pretty pink hat box.

Someday that hat box will be full.

I look at my life today and all I can think of is how blessed I am, how grateful I am for all the trials and obstacles I have faced. I am one strong  woman! I’m a fighter!

And, more than that, I am a woman who believes in magic.

After all, I see it my life every day.

“I’ve been to the bottom I’ve suffered a lot, I deserve success headed straight to the top.” – Maino

Sarah Centrella


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  1. Ohhh, this gives me chills of a good sort. I can’t thank you both enough for posting this two-part series. I’ve just kicked back in to my own vision board habit a month or so ago . . . and reading this . . . I’m thinking . . . I’m not dreaming big enough!


    1. Isn’t it funny how we are afraid to “dream the big dream” when we let go of that we really unblock the emotions that hold us back. Whenever i’m down or having a hard time believing i go on Pinterest and spend an hour looking at images of the experiences I want to draw into my life… it always makes me feel better and gets me back on track.

  2. Wow, you have everything and much more than I could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing this experience, it allows me to realize that the goals I have made for myself in my life are achieveable. How did you manage to attain all these things? Did you spend time visualizng each experience or are these experiences a product of you vision board? Did you ever tell anyone about your dreams and asiprations before you achieved them? Once again thank you so much for sharing this story and the many others on your blog. I look forward to reading many of your other blog enteries as well. Take care and best of luck in the future!

    1. Thanks for commenting and following! This post was written by a guest contributor. Check out her website in the link at the top of the post. She has a great blog and a great story to tell! Her story will be featured in an upcoming book.

    2. Great questions Ssahib, and I think putting them out into the universe by putting them on my board was the first step for me. The second was taking that board to work and facing the fear that people would make fun of me or think it was stupid. I think that increased its effectiveness and the fact that I looked at it all day long, and subconsciously it made me really happy. I still have one in my work office today, and am constantly living moments that started on my board. I have tons of examples on my blog, pinterest, and youtube… it really does work!

  3. Wow this was inspiring, can you please keep me in your prayers, that my prayers are answered soon especially those that I did today. Thanks! Hope you read this.