Law of Attraction Success Story: "I Named My Own Price"

true law of attraction story

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Guest contributor: Law of attraction advocate Ila

I am on such an amazing journey! Here’s just one way the law of attraction has helped me lately.

Recently, I joined a book club. Of course, as these things normally work, I needed to purchase the book we were reading so that I’d be able to actively participate in the upcoming discussion next month.

So, on Friday night, I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase the aforementioned book. I inquired and was ushered in the direction of my desire. Gleefully, I scooped up my tome, and started reading. After deciding this was a selection going to be a great read, I glanced at the price tag.


As I’m currently between jobs, I have to be very careful with my discretionary spending. But the store was closing and I needed to bring my selection to the counter. So, I politely asked the cashier if there were any “in-store discounts” on that book. To my surprise, the cashier just looked at the book and asked if I could wait a minute.

“Absolutely,” I said, practically drunk with the thought of getting a discount.

Now I should mention that before asking her about this, I had secretly said the following affirmation to myself: “I would like to get this book for $5.00.” So when my cashier returned and asked if I’d like to have my book in hardback instead for $4.98, I was absolutely amazed! Apparently, there was a huge clearance that day and it just so happened that my book was one of the books that were reduced. How cool was that!

Saying I was happy in that moment was an understatement. “Overjoyed” would be a more accurate word.



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