Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Started Feeling Happy Again”

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Guest contributor: Danielle Camacho, Danielle’s blog closely follows her adventures with the law of attraction.

It was today that it finally occurred to me how exactly my B.E.S.T treatments are affecting me, especially after my latest treatment a couple of days ago [editor’s note: B.E.S.T. is a positive thinking practice that closely follows law of attraction principles].

Here’s the thing: I now have an amazing ability to be and remain positive throughout the day that I never had before.

In the past, things have always come up that dampened those feelings. There were even just mornings where I would “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” and not be able to snap out of it all day. Well, guess what?

I haven’t had one of those days in quite a while now.

And yesterday?

I spent about 70 percent of my day “in the vortex,” feeling amazing.

I was really taking in nature as I was walking around the city, appreciating the beauty of all of the flowers in bloom, I was grateful for every experience I had throughout the day and I was smiling so much my cheeks were starting to hurt.

It seems that I am able to remain feeling good more and more each day that I practice. And I encourage you to do the same!



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  1. It’s all attitude. You get to decide how you feel. If you look at the world and see negativity, then that’s what will be reflected back. That’s why it is so important to decide how you want your life to be. Some of us (and I’m sure we ALL know people like this) haven’t awakened to this knowledge yet. I could have gone in this direction very easily having grown up in an emotional turmoil atmosphere where people were constantly look to the future for that much sought after joy.

    Gratefully, I saw the other side. Having seen the effect of the future seekers I knew I didn’t want that life. I wanted to be happy now. I chose to live in the present moment and be happy now. I still get the odd look and the comments:
    –You have to prepare for the worst.
    –Things don’t always work out.

    Well of course not, If you that attitude that’s what will show up. If that’s what you think then yes you’re right. I don’t think that way. I never have, so things ALWAYS work out for me.

    So grateful I detoured and took the other path. The path to the present moment, the path to be in joy!


    1. Love your comments, Chris. Yes, I think that the LOA is largely about positivity/negativity. It doesn’t matter if you call it the law of attraction or not. I think we all know people who are always looking at the bad side, and always GETTING the bad side. Fortunately I don’t know that many people personally anymore that are like that. I must be hanging out with more mature people than I used to.