Law of Attraction Success Story: “I Stopped Biting My Nails”

Contributor: Anonymous

I have always been a nail biter. I mean, always. And most of that time, I’ve wanted to not be.

The first time I tried to stop biting my nails was when I was twelve years old. I bought that icky-tasting (and, now that I reflect on it, probably toxic) clear polish that’s supposed to remind you to take your hands out of your mouth, but the taste washed off too quickly.

As I grew older and started caring in increasing amounts about my appearance, there were other attempts, too, but none showed more commitment than the one I started shortly after I met my husband.

For two whole months, I held firm. (Well, I might have bitten my nails occasionally–but only when they had already torn anyway.) At the end of that time I had about six normal-length nails and, totally discouraged, took my first trip to the manicurist to get some fake ones put on over them.

The fake nails didn’t work out. It hurt like crazy whenever they got pulled back for some reason, and they just weren’t my style. Not long after I ditched them, I started a journal of affirmations and was somehow thorough enough to include my desire for long nails in one of the first few entries. My affirmation was:

“I have long, strong, healthy fingernails.”

I broke a nail the next day and another one a few days after that, but I still wasn’t biting the others. And then, a small miracle occurred: My nails stopped breaking.

Somehow, they had gotten stronger.

Today my nails are all moderately long and of even length for the first time in memory.


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  1. I am trying to, once again, get back on track for positive affirmations (something I let go some time ago – don’t ask why). I now repeat to myself several times a day, “Isn’t it amazing how normal my feet are and how wonderful my circulation is?” I have neuropathy to a point, so my feet are somewhat numb due to diabetes circulation problems. Would you consider this an appropriate affirmation? Also, liked the idea of an affirmation journal. May start one.

  2. All right, Molly, I’m starting my affirmations in the hope that my life will turn around. You’ve given me hope and encouragement. Tell more about how to keep an affirmations journal. I want to start that!

  3. I have been through the same exact experience, yucky stop-biting-your-nails polish at age 12 and all. I have been unable to stop, and when I did make attempts, my nails were paper-thin and would break and split, too! Inexplicably, about three months ago, my nails started growing in thick and gorgeously white! I even had to clip them a few days ago because they had gotten too long. Now that I’ve read this post, I realize the growth of my nails coincided with my return to a daily routine of positive affirmations. I believe they are a physical manifestation of the love I am beginning to feel for myself. Amazing!!!

  4. I have created a vision board in M Publisher, then I copied it into Word, then made it into my computer background pic.
    Now, I see it every time I login and look at my regular screen before doing something.
    I have noticed now that 2-3 of the things are already coming to pass.
    This is great!

  5. Well, Mollie, I have to say this came timely for me. I got to thinking about not just what miracle occurred for you but also all that was involved. I’m a believer in LOA too, albeit a new one. I am realizing more and more that sometimes that miracle doesn’t happen immediately, and it may get a little worse before it gets better, but it does get better. In some way I think your nail-biting story was a great allegory for other things too. When you talked of how even after determining to stop biting and saying those positive affirmations, you still got a few broken nails at first–this to me symbolizes that final shedding of the old to make way for the new. Sometimes we think we have dealt with all that old stuff but now and then it will still rear its ugly head. So we finally finish it, already, and then all the blessings can pour in. And I hope you are receiving many of those.

    1. Love your deep thoughts! And glad it was encouraging to you. When you start looking into the LOA and related spiritual principles, each new discovery is a huge step forward. For me, the nail-biting experience taught me that when it’s the right time to let something go, you will feel it. You won’t have to FIGHT anymore. Love that.