Law of Attraction Success Story: “My Pain Instantly Left”

Contributor: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David Hamilton

In How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body, scientist and law of attraction practitioner David Hamilton shares the story of Ruth, whose belief in the law of attraction has helped her eliminate more than one health problem in recent years.

The first health problem: a moleskin tag that had appeared underneath one of her eyes. After learning in a workshop about what Hamilton calls Quantum Field Healing, she decided to visualize the outcome she desired: new skin growing underneath the mole, replacing it little by little until finally, it fell off. The problem? Moles, Ruth had been told, don’t remove themselves in this way. Still, Ruth continued using her visualization technique.

Several months passed. Then one day, as Ruth was taking a shower, something surprising happened: Ruth’s mole did, in fact, fall off. Ruth saw the law of attraction at work.

And it made a believer out of her.

Ruth continued to use Hamilton’s techniques, healing herself in other ways as well. One day, for instance, she dropped a candle on the floor and burned herself.

“I decided to use what David Hamilton had just taught us, and instantly, the pain was gone,” Ruth said. “The next morning there was no trace of the burn.”


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  1. Well, I ordered that book (in print) by David Hamilton. Just the thing seeing as I’ve been reading several kindle books on Theta Healing, and this will complement those nicely. So far I’ve been using healing meditations for some deep muscle tissue damage in my back, along with visits to Chiropracters and Massage. Usually my body heals faster than this, so I don’t bother with healing meditations, but I guess I’m being prompted to learn some new skills.